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Increased conversions by 400% and click through rate by 50%, with ad impression of over 1000 per month

Since 2004, Retail Response have provided professional, reliable, and excellent value IT service solutions to a range of retail clients. Their complete, end-to-end retail system implementation and helpful support service offers a single contact for all in-store IT systems. They have wide-ranging experience with implementing instore point-of-sale and IT systems for both national and international retail stores.

All of their projects are tracked in real-time by their bespoke management system to keep clients assured that there is constant progress. They put a focus on customer service, with engineers ready to visit stores within four hours of a problem, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year. With over 15 years’ experience, Retail Response have been gaining more and more popularity in the B2B retail sector.


It is often the same story for B2B businesses – finding the right target market online is a challenge. Not only this, but choosing the right keywords for B2B requires a great deal of research to be able to understand the search intent. This is how it was with Retail Response. Their online traffic was low because other businesses were not searching for them. Retail Response understood this was the case and approached me for help. They lacked the time and experience to be able to start their own campaigns in such a difficult online market.

As just mentioned, these cases require a lot of research. I asked Retail Response some questions related to their activities, and then I started on the research that was needed to get an idea of where to place the ads, along with the keyword research. I ended up starting a new campaign with five new ad groups. Initially, traffic volumes remained low, although this is what I expected. The traffic quickly ramped up after that, resulting in ad impressions of over 1000 per month. 

The end result was that conversions from my ads increased by 400% and click through rate increased by 50%. Retail Response were very pleased with this result as they understood the difficulty of the online B2B market. They’ve learnt a lot from my ads about how to target the B2B market online.

The Challenge

B2B businesses like Retail Response often struggle with finding the suitable target market online, not to mention choosing the best keywords. Retail Response approached me for help with this.

The Solution

I carried out thorough keyword research and got to know Retail Response as a company to be able to navigate the difficulty of the B2B online market. After that, I set up a new campaign with five new ad groups.

The Result

Traffic volumes for the ads were low at first, but that was expected – they’ve now improved, and ad impressions are over 1000 per month. Conversions have increased by 400% and click through rate has increased by 50%.

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