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With better keyword research and new text ads, I was able to help Ivan Fisher Funerals increase their click through rate by over 150%, improve their conversion quality and also drop the cost per click below £1.

Ivan Fisher Funerals are funeral directors serving Norfolk and the city of Norwich. They’ve been in the business since 2005, and they have managed to remain a family-run business throughout this time, which is something that is very important to them. In this type of funeral bereavement situation, knowing that you’re dealing with a real family business is often reassuring for people who are in mourning.

When someone dear passes away, it’s important to get the help and support of experts with every aspect of a funeral. Ivan Fisher Funerals specialise in this area and have mostly relied on their loyal customers in the past. They have been using Google Ads for some time now to expand their customer range.

The Challenge

After in depth discussion with Ivan Fisher Funeral, I gathered that the conversions of their ads were dropping steadily, especially when compared to their previous ones in the last few years. I noticed that the traffic volumes and enquiries were decreasing as well. I felt that a lot of research would be needed in this case in particular.

I did some targeted research and also searched in general for funeral services in the Norfolk area. I saw that the competition in the field was outstanding – there were many funeral directors in the area, and most of them had big companies.

That was the problem with Ivan Fisher Funerals – the competition was simply becoming too strong. In the past, this hadn’t been so much of an issue, but the ability to search online for different funeral directors was now part of their problem.

The Solution

After studying the case in depth, I came to the conclusion that the only possible way to solve the problems with Ivan Fisher Funerals was to set up a new search campaign. I have a lot of experience in dealing with highly competitive sectors, so I applied my knowledge to this situation in the same way that has previously earned me success.

I knew that only with better keyword research and new text ads would it be possible to improve their conversions. I discussed this further with Ivan Fisher Funerals, and then I made the necessary changes by setting up the new campaigns with the better keywords and new text ads features.

The Result

It didn’t take long before my solution started showing the desired results. The click-through rate increased by over 150% as soon as we made the changes. The cost per click dropped below £1 per click, which is very impressive when considering the competitive situation we had to deal with. The quality of the conversions also generally improved.

Ivan Fisher Funerals were very pleased with the result, and they feel more confident now that they can remain as an independent funeral business for the future.

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