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The Smart Estate Agency approached me because their campaigns were getting few conversions and click through rates were very low at below 1%, so I set up new Search campaigns, blocked irrelevant keyword searches, worked on conversion tracking, all to increase click through rate by 700%, reduce cost per conversion to £7, and achieve 6% conversion rate.

The Smart Estate Agency are different to traditional estate agents in that they provide a better value option for homeowners wishing to sell their home by themselves – they will advertise homes on all the big property sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla for only £75.

They can list your home within only one hour, and you have control over how you want your ad to look. They pass all enquiries to the homeowners, which can save them thousands of pounds in total in estate agent fees who can often take a sizeable cut from the property price or advertising. They can also help with price negotiation if required.

In short, you retain all control but save money and have a lot less work to do, and it is becoming the modern way to sell properties online. They are in a competitive market overall, but what they offer is still relatively unique, and it was my challenge to get campaigns up and running for them that allowed people to learn more about how they work, and how they can help homeowners and property developers save money.

The Challenge

After talking to The Smart Estate Agency about what they wanted and about some of the problems they were having, I saw that they were running Smart campaigns and not Search campaigns. Smart campaigns can help highlight certain selling points and therefore attract specific customers, but in their case, I decided that they needed more control over their keywords because they were getting few conversions and their click through rates were also low at below 1%.

The Solution

Due to this I recommended setting up a new Search campaign to give The Smart Estate Agency the much-needed control over the keywords that they sorely needed. If we were going to focus on keywords, I knew I would have to do some negative keyword research to block irrelevant searches first. I did this as a matter of priority and to give us a better picture of what we were focusing on, and then we worked on conversion tracking to visually track the successful campaign conversions more accurately.

The Result

The overall results were much better than even I expected. Through my knowledge and strategies, I increased click through rate by 700% with the new Search campaign. Cost per conversion also decreased to only £7, and I achieved over 6% conversion rate. The Smart Estate Agency were very pleased with the results.

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