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I navigated a competitive market by creating two new campaigns and changing the bid strategy to appear higher in the search results, to increase traffic by 20% and click through rate to above 10%.

Blink Imaging provide commercial and advertising photography in Glasgow, producing high-quality photographs for over 20 years. They are a small company who are very proud of their ethos and techniques – they believe that no two shoots are the same; each shoot deserves the same level of professionalism and high quality.

They enjoy talking to their customers about their projects or about anything at all – they can give advice on photography shoots and help customers realise exactly what they want. They specialise in these types of photography: advertising, aerial, architectural, commercial, corporate, headshots, lifestyle and landscape, editorial press and PR, commercial products, theatre and opera, and even videos.

In their portfolio, they have both big and small clients, such as Tomatin Whiskey, Holiday Inn, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Scottish Tourism, and many more.

The Challenge

I was impressed by Blink Imaging’s photography company, and I liked their personal style. I enjoyed talking to the friendly team at Blink Imaging, and I was keen to help them, seeing as they had an existing campaign that was underperforming.

They needed to increase traffic volumes to be able to compete with the competitors – this is often the main problem for small companies. I surveyed their operations and noticed that some of the searches were not at all relevant. They were also being outbid by competitors, which is one of the hardest things to get around in the Google Ads business.

The Solution

As always, I undertook a great deal of research to be able to lay out an effective game plan for Blink Imaging’s Google Ads strategy. After a lot of initial consideration, I suggested two new campaigns, one for people in the location they were targeting, and one for people outside of this location but who were still looking for a photographer in their location.

The last thing I did was to change the bid strategy to appear higher in the search results. This is always important for heightened visibility in competitive markets. I was careful to be transparent about my techniques so that Blink Imaging could learn about the process, but also because it is their personal business and they deserve to know the slightest of details.

The Result

This was a difficult case to fix, but through my effort I managed to increase traffic by 20%. The campaigns I set up worked well and increased click through rate to above 10%. Blink Imaging were impressed with my work and by the potential of Google Ads as a whole, because they had not achieved this level of results previously.

They were surprised by the increased click through rate in particular. I enjoyed working with Blink Imaging, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a photography project sorted in quick time to the highest standards.

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