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Optimisation score is now more than 90% and by the end of the first weekend, traffic and conversions had already increased.

Nour Luxury is a premium-quality linens brand that specialises in supplying organic cotton bedding that has fully traceable origins. Catering for a high-end market, Nour Luxury promises authentic, chemical-free products that are luxurious, beautiful, and produced to the very highest standards.

When this client contacted me for help with their Google Ads campaign, I recognised straight away their brand’s full potential. With demand high in the marketplace for organic, premium products, I could see the possibility of excellent profits for the company. However, their website’s traffic and conversions weren’t living up to this potential and that’s where I believed I could help.

By getting down to work with the client, I examined the reason for their drop in performance and came up with an effective solution that I was confident would make a big difference to their success.

The Challenge

Nour Luxury had already set up Google Ads campaigns to market their high-quality products but over time, the performance of those campaigns had begun to drop. Part of the issue with this was that the campaigns weren’t being fully managed, and this was leading to missed opportunities and a sub-optimal optimisation score. My challenge was to take over responsibility for boosting the performance of Nour Luxury’s campaigns and to increase both traffic and conversions for the brand.

The Solution

Having examined the reasons for the fall in performance in Nour Luxury’s Google Ads campaigns, I recognised that a lack of full management was partly to blame. Furthermore, the campaigns and ads required updating in order to boost their performance. I decided to get to work on updating both of those elements, also updating the Recommendations page so that the optimisation score could receive a valuable boost. By updating the ads, the keywords, and the search targeting, I was confident that a rapid improvement in performance would be seen by the client.

The Result

My confidence in the updates turned out to be well-placed. Having updated the key elements of Nour Luxury’s Google Ads campaign, including the keywords and search targeting, I was able to achieve an optimisation score for the site of more than 90%. Furthermore, almost instantly, the client witnessed an increase in traffic to their website, with conversions increasing exponentially by the end of the very first weekend following the implementation of the updates.

To date, traffic to the client’s website from their Google Ads has increased by more than 30% – a figure that the client is extremely happy with as they are already beginning to see an impressive return on their investment. I was glad to be able to achieve such rapid results for this client, and to use my expertise to help them achieve the results that they desired for their premium brand.

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