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Management Of Google Ads For Planet Environmental Results In Over 6% CTR

Planet Environmental is a specialist provider of environmental and waste management solutions. Thanks to their comprehensive nationwide transport and waste treatment network, they provide value-for-money, high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Working in total compliance with the Environment Agency, Planet Environmental’s entire focus is on sustainability, environmental standards, quality and safety in everything it does as a business.

The Challenge

Planet Environmental had set up their own Google Ads campaign but they weren’t achieving their desired results. Furthermore, the client lack sufficient time to manage their campaigns 

Planet Environmental, a sustainable waste management solution provider, recently approached me looking for assistance with their Google Ads campaigns. Aware of the need to implement an effective Google Ads strategy, the company had already set up their own Google Ads however they were failing to achieve the desired results. Not only were their Google Ads performing at a sub-par level, but the Planet Environmental team also lacked sufficient time and resources to manage their own campaigns and were hoping that I would be able to take over the full time management of their strategy.

The first step that I decided to take was to give the existing Planet Environmental Google Ads an overhaul. Although there was nothing inherently wrong with them, they weren’t fulfilling their true potential and could benefit from some improvement to bring them up to scratch. Before taking over the management of their campaign, I decided that the best course of action to help the client achieve their marketing goals would be to tweak the existing Google Ads so that they could maximise their potential.

Once I had carried out the improvements, I then began to implement our Google Ads management strategy. The client was keen for me to not only improve the click through rate from their Google Ads campaign but also to reduce their average CPC rate, so I got to work helping them to achieve their goals.

The client was pleased to report that their Google Ads click through rate began to increase shortly after I took over their management and made improvements. Currently, their click through rate stands at over 6%. Furthermore, I have also managed to achieve an account optimisation score for this client that is consistently more than 90% whilst also enabling a reduction in their average CPC rate. It is now as low as just 69p per click – a result that the client is extremely pleased to have achieved.

The Solution

I tweaked the client’s existing Google Ads to give them essential improvements before taking over the management of their campaigns.

The Result

Planet Environmental’s Google Ads click through rate is now over 6% following our takeover of their management. I have also managed to achieve an account optimisation score for this client of consistently over 90% while their average CPC rate is now as low as 69p per click.

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