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I reviewed A9 Architecture’s old campaigns and set up new ones, resulting in the account optimisation score improving to 98% and also achieving a good conversion rate at 10%.

A9 Architecture provide expert architectural instruction at each stage of their customers’ design projects, with almost 1200 completed projects across the Essex area. They follow a ‘concept to completion’ model, meaning they can oversee the whole project without the need for other contractors, which saves time and often money too.

A9 Architecture have a strong track record of gaining successful planning approvals for these projects as well. They make a specific point that all projects, whether small or large, are treated with the exact same attention and priority.

Some of these projects include new houses and flats, extensions, alterations, loft conversions, planning applications, regulation approvals, site supervision, 3D models, and more. A9 Architecture pride themselves particularly on the innovation of their projects – they are a future facing company.

The Challenge

After talking with A9 Architecture, I found out they had actually worked with many pay per click experts over the years who had set up old campaigns that were now underperforming. This is sometimes the case – it is not enough to have experts set up campaigns and then not manage them or at least not learn from them.

This is why I try to teach my clients how to manage the campaigns themselves, or I set up follow up meetings where I continue to manage their campaigns for them and give them further advice.

A9 Architecture actually got in touch with me for this cause – they were looking for a Google Ads specialist who could not only increase their enquiries from their ads, but who could also give them more advice than the other experts that they had previously employed.

The Solution

I undertook a thorough review of the campaigns, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the campaigns were no longer performing. Then I noticed that the ads were getting traffic from several irrelevant locations. I had to make the decision whether to optimise the existing campaigns or set up new and better ones.

I did further research and discussed my findings with A9 Architecture, and we decided to set up new campaigns with good keywords, negative keywords, and the right location targeting. I was confident this was the right decision in order to see an uplift in results.

The Result

My work resulted in the account optimisation score improving to 98%. I also achieved a good conversion rate at 10%. I expected the improvements to be in this range.

A9 Architecture were very happy with the result, and they were particularly impressed with the tuition I provided. It was one of my priorities to be transparent about my work at every stage, so that A9 Architecture could learn from it and then start to move forward on their own. In the future, they can work more independently and employ me only when urgently needed.

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