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I created a new account that received approval, enabling them to get back online.

NW Personal Training is a personal training company, offering its services across London to those who are keen to boost their personal fitness and achieve their wellness goals. Enabling their clients to unleash their full fitness potential through personal and elite training, NW Personal Training had been using Google Ads to market their business but had run up against problems due to a policy violation.

After approaching me to get some help with this issue, I stepped into the breach to pinpoint the cause of their Google Ads suspension and to resolve it efficiently and speedily so that the client could once more become competitive in the crowded local personal training sector, where standing out from the crowd is so important.

The Challenge

NW Personal Training had already set up their own Google Ads account in order to market their personal training business, but they had run into a problem. Their account had been suspended due to a policy violation, and this was having a negative impact on their marketing campaigns and preventing them from attracting new clients to their brand.

My challenge was to determine why the account had been suspended and to find a solution to the problem that would enable the client to use a Google Ads account for marketing once more.

The Solution

Having taken an in depth look at the client’s situation, I determined that the policy violation that had resulted in their Google Ads account suspension was due to a payments profile issue. Having identified the cause of the issue, I set to work to try to get them back online using their existing account.

Unfortunately, after several attempts, I found that I was unable to achieve this goal, so I decided to take a different course of action. I set up a new Google Ads account for them that was then approved and made ready to run.

The Result

Despite the time-consuming hassle of trying and failing to get NW Personal Training’s original Google Ads account back online by resolving the payments profile issue, I managed to come up with an effective alternative answer to the problem.

With a new Google Ads account in place that had received approval, I was able to get the client back up and running on Google Ads once more so that they could resume their marketing campaign and begin to attract more new clients to their London-based personal training business. The client was very pleased to finally be back up and running once more, and I was delighted to be able to put my expertise and skills to good use, helping them to achieve their marketing goals and make their business a success.

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