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The client saw a higher click through rate paired with a lower cost per conversion.

Clyde Marine is a leading supplier in Europe of skilled marine personnel, with a specialism in the field of bespoke crew management and marine recruitment to the world’s maritime industry. Despite having been in the sector for more than 40 years and having earned a strong reputation within its market for quality and reliability, Clyde Marine had begun to experience issues with attracting new clients to its brand.

They approached me for some assistance with their search campaign as they realised their previous strategy had suffered from a drop in performance. I was more than happy to help this reputable and long-standing organisation to boost their campaign and return to their former level of recruitment success.

The Challenge

Clyde Marine had already established a search campaign to enable new clients to find their brand in the crowded and competitive online marine recruitment sector. While initially, their campaign was achieving success and was helping them to achieve their goals, over time they began to realise that the performance of their existing strategy had dropped. Uncertain of what to do to resolve the issue themselves, they turned to me for assistance to help renew their success.

The Solution

Having been approached by this client, I recognised that the best solution to their performance problem was to set up a new search campaign that could give their performance a boost and help them to attract more clients. The marine recruitment sector is highly competitive, and it was clear that their existing search campaign simply wasn’t up to scratch in terms of getting the brand noticed by its target audience. I decided that the solution I would propose would be a new campaign to promote their marine jobs on their website.

The Result

After getting to work on creating a well-designed search campaign that would help Clyde Marine achieve their objectives in a more cost-effective and efficient way, I was pleased to discover that results were being seen almost straight away once the changes had been implemented.

Not only was their site’s optimisation score boosted consistently to more than 95%, but the cost per conversion was also considerably reduced to just £10.21, helping to give the client better value for money and ensuring an improved rate of return on their investment.

As the click through rate also saw an increase to 13%, it was clear that the new search campaign was achieving its goal to attract more attention from its target market and was leading to more clients for Clyde Marine. The client was extremely happy with the result, and I was delighted to be able to assist in this matter.

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