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With a remarketing campaign, I managed to reduce MBS Accountants’ cost per conversion to £3 and to get their conversion rates up to 12%.

MBS Accountants is a company with the purpose of bringing businesses great success. They want to help each business owner not only to survive, but to thrive. In order to do so, they offer professional advice, through a dedicated customer service, which is always available.

They will help you set goals, find the right technological tools to achieve them through simple processes. They only work with service-based businesses with a minimum sales income of £100k per year, so that they’re able to offer high-quality accounting to already active businesses. MBS Accountants also take care of the passage from the regular accountant service to their company.

The Challenge

All advertising campaigns are unique, and in each case the ingredients to bring a company success are different. In MBS Accountants’ case, the main ingredient had to be the personalised help they are able to offer to specific companies. They weren’t emphasising this enough, and this was clear as soon as they contacted me.

They called me looking for help to improve their Pay-Per Click campaigns, because it wasn’t making profit, and they couldn’t understand why. The situation was oddly interesting, and I was excited to help them. It can be a real challenge when there is nothing really to see on the surface, but using a variety of industry-specific software and tools, you can dig deeper and make connections that aren’t immediately obvious. This kind of intuition only comes from specialists like myself who know the sector well and are able to make connections and discover what is going wrong on a deeper level.

The Solution

As I started doing some research, I noticed some things that didn’t seem quite right which led me to uncover something else at play was going on – MBS Accountants have very good reviews by the business owners, because of their great customer service. It was essential that new clients were able to find and read those reviews on their website in order to decide whether they should book an appointment with them.

The problem, as I found out, wasn’t only about the PPC campaigns: they were getting clicks from some wrong locations. Not only that, but they were also appearing for some searches that were not relevant. What I recommended doing at this point was setting up a new search campaign and a remarketing campaign. It’s an advantage I was able to take because of the many services that the company is offering.

When this happens, it’s more profitable to divide the ads for targets and locations, because presumably different people will be attracted to different services, and this comes down to geographical locations that are easy to distinguish.

The Result

We updated the features to target the correct searches and locations, and the result was outstanding. The ads have continued to improve, and some campaigns have reached 12% conversion rates, while the average CPC has reduced to £3.

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