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300% ROI For Now Listen PR’s Google Ads Search Setup Campaign

Now Listen PR is a digital music marketing agency offering services aimed at both major labels and independent artists alike. Assisting with digital streaming promotion, strategy and campaign management and social media marketing and fan base growth, the London-based company works with clients all over the world. It is their mission to create bespoke campaigns tailored to meet the specific needs of each artist or band, leveraging their wealth of industry knowledge and experience to achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Having to overtake the performance of a strong competitor in the same marketplace while also overcoming poorly targeted and ineffectively researched search queries that I eventually had to block.

Now Listen PR approached me after their previous Search campaigns proved to be unsuccessful. The company were facing a number of challenges in achieving their goals, with one particular problem coming in the form of an extremely strong competitor in the same marketplace.

Not only was their business rival a considerable challenge to overcome, but their previous campaigns had been poorly targeted and lacking in essential research. Their USA campaign had gone so badly it was actually brought to a close, while many of their search queries were so poor that they had to be blocked.

Now Listen PR came to me looking for help in setting up a fresh Search campaign that would be better able to meet their marketing needs. They were hoping that I would be able to boost their campaign’s ROI and improve the country targeting for better performance.

I got to work undertaking the valuable and extensive research that had been lacking in the past so that a more highly and specifically targeted campaign could be set up. I worked on narrowing down the country targeting for more valuable and qualified search results and focused on boosting the ROI that their search campaign could achieve.

Both Now Listen PR and myself were delighted with the results that were achieved by this search campaign overhaul. The new ads that we implemented on Now Listen PR’s behalf began to achieve a good ROI and their search campaign managed to achieve an ROI of 300% a truly impressive result.

As the company’s search campaign performance has improved, going from strength to strength, their budgets have also continued to increase, thus ensuring that the brand is on target to meet its marketing goals within its desired timescale.

The Solution

I carried out the extensive research that hadn’t been done in the past before setting up the ads in order to ensure a more targeted campaign for the brand so that it could meet its marketing goals.

The Result

Now Listen PR’s search campaign performance has significantly improved and country targeting has been considerably narrowed down. Thus their budgets have continued to increase and an ROI of 300% has now been achieved for their search campaign.

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