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Global Integration Seeks Out Better ROI On Google Ads Campaigns

Global Integration is a consulting and global training company that specialises in matrix management, virtual teams and digital and agile ways of working. The company develops practical, innovative and unique tools that are adapted to demanding and highly diverse audiences. Offering online learning as well as face-to-face programs their expert trainers deliver interactive training across the globe.

The Challenge

Global Integration had some existing Google Ads campaigns that had been performing poorly and needed to give them an overhaul so that they could achieve an increase in click through rates to their company website.

I was recently approached by Global Integration, a consulting and global training company that delivers interactive training both online and face-to-face in countries across the globe. They approached me with a view to improving the click through rate and thus their ROI on their Google Ads Campaigns.

The company had already put in place a number of Google Ads campaigns which unfortunately had not had the effect that they desired. Their ROI on these campaigns was still very low and the click through rate that they were achieving to their business website was also disappointing. Their aim in approaching me was to determine whether it would be possible for me to create fresh new Global Ads campaigns on their behalf that could achieve the desired effect.

Fortunately, this was something that I could help with thanks to my expertise in the field. I immediately set to work analysing where the original Google Ads campaigns had gone wrong and identifying areas in which they could be improved upon.

After looking into the problem, I decided that the best approach to take would be to use the existing Google Ads campaigns as a basis for a brand-new set of campaigns that would be better tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. To this end, I made the decision to focus on improving the targeting of those campaigns in order to better reach the client’s target market.

After pinpointing the areas in which targeting could be improved upon, I began to build new and improved Google Ads campaigns for the client and put them into implementation on their behalf. Global Integration were very pleased to discover that their new campaigns had a far more impressive effect than their previous incarnations. The improved targeting has meant that the click through rate to their company website has increased while their account optimisation score is now at 83%.

The Solution

I examined the old, unsuccessful Google Ads campaigns for Global Integration and gave them a complete overhaul, using them as a basis for brand-new, fresh campaigns that were designed to better suit the needs of the company and help it to achieve its goals of improving its click through rates.

The Result

Global Integration’s click through rates have now improved across their Google Ads campaigns thanks to improved targeting. Their account optimisation score now stands at an impressive 83%.

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