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The Funding Store appeared in top spots 50% of the time, which improved conversion rates by 22%

The Funding Store helps businesses of all types access commercial finance. They pride themselves on hassle-free loan applications without hidden fees or upfront charges – they only profit if you choose a package that you’re happy with. By building an extensive network of reliable lenders, they are committed to offering a variety of funding providers to bring more choice and flexibility for accessing the right type of finance.

The rates they offer are always competitive to reflect the competitiveness of the sector. They offer flexible business loans, fast business loans with immediate access to finance, and also asset finance. They make a point of helping even after you’ve secured your finance. They are based in Milton Keynes and encourage people to get in touch for more information about their financial services.


The Funding Store, a commercial finance provider, approached me for assistance to make their Google Ad campaign more profitable. The commercial finance sector is highly competitive, so they have been aware for a long time of the importance of implementing an effective and successful online ad strategy.

The Funding Store team lacked the knowledge to improve their own campaigns or start new ones, which is why they, and so many other companies, approached me for the skills I’ve built up.

They wanted me to set up new ad campaigns to kick start a new era in their online presence. Their previous ads were typical of businesses who only have a basic understanding of Google Ads, which usually end up being more expensive than the ROI received from the ads. This was the case with The Funding Store, and I knew what to do to make the ads profitable.

The Funding Store wanted the ads to be more visible on search pages. The Funding’s Store’s customers are actively searching online for finance providers. I implemented targeted search ads to appear in the top spots on search pages 50% of the time. With such visible ads, conversion rates will naturally increase. The Funding Store reported that their conversion rates increased by 22%, as I predicted. This is what’s possible with properly targeted ads.

The Challenge

The Funding Store had set up their own campaign, but it was not profitable. They are a commercial finance company, so it is a very competitive sector and successful campaigns are a big part of this. They wanted new campaigns that would rank highly on search pages and ultimately lead to more conversions.

The Solution

I set up new targeted search ads to drive a high number of leads and improve conversion rates. I was confident that targeted search ads would get The Funding Store the visibility and conversion rates they sought.

The Result

The targeted ads I set up for The Funding Store appeared in top search engine spots 50% of the time, resulting in an increase in conversions of 22%. The Funding Store were very satisfied with the result.

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