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Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing your Google Ads CTR or click through rate is very important for any business. Your click through rate reveals how successful your Google Ads are at reaching your target audience. Since you want as many people as possible to visit your site, having a high CTR is vital. Yet, it isn’t always as easy to achieve this goal as you might expect.

It can be surprisingly tricky to maximise your Google Ads CTR. Your Ads must be relevant to the searches that your target market is making. If they aren’t, your CTR will remain low and your budget will be wasted. Making the most of your marketing budget is paramount. Ensuring that as many prospective purchasers as possible visit your site is also essential. Therefore, gaining the knowledge that you need to boost your click through rate couldn’t be more important.

If you lack the necessary skills to improve your Google Ads CTR, you need look no further for help. I am an expert in the field of PPC and Google AdWords. As an established Google Partner, you can rest assured that I can advise and support you. I can give you the guidance you need to boost your CTR through relevant Ads that increase your site traffic.

Take advantage of my online and in-person 1:1 or group coaching and training or consultancy service. I can give you expert assistance or set up and manage your Google Ads for you. You’ll soon find that your CTR increases and your revenue receives a boost too.


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Click Through Rate (CTR)