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Cost Per Click (CPC)

One helpful tool that business owners can make good use of in their marketing strategy is Google Ads CPC. CPC or Google Ads Cost Per Click is a marketing model which only charges business owners when actions are taken. If a web user clicks on one of your ads, you pay a fee.

To use Google Ads CPC, you have to set your maximum CPC or cost per click bid. You can do this manually or by using automated bids based on the individual requirements of your business.

Google Ads Cost per Click is the top CPC marketing platform. It displays adverts on the Google Search Engine as well as its partner apps and sites. The great benefit of Google Ads CPC is that it gives you lots of control over your strategy and costs. It isn’t always easy to make the most of the Google Ads Cost Per Click tool, though. That’s why I’m on hand to offer my expert services.

I am a highly skilled and experienced PPC and Google Ads specialist who is also a Google Partner. That means you can be confident that I have the knowledge to help you use CPC to its best advantage.

I offer a consultancy service as well as training on a 1:1 or group basis tailored to your business needs. Alternatively, I can set up your business’s Google Ads campaign and manage it on your behalf. My expertise will help you to make the most of your company’s CPC campaign.


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Cost Per Click (CPC)
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What Is CPC Marketing?

CPC or Cost Per Click is a marketing model that charges you only for performance, like when people click your text ads or phone number

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