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Match Types

Running a successful Google Ads campaign can be challenging. However, Google Ads match types can make all the difference to how well your campaign works. With four different match types to choose from, you can control the kinds of searches that your Ads appear for. That ensures that you can reach the most appropriate audience and improve your chances of conversions. This is something that is imperative to your company’s profitability.

It’s possible to use either one of several Google Ads match types in your campaign. Yet, it can be difficult to determine which ones are most appropriate for your requirements. That is where an expert like me can help. I am a skilled and experienced Google Ads and PPC specialist. As a Google Partner, you can be confident I have the necessary knowledge to help your campaigns succeed.

You may benefit from my one to one or group coaching service on an in-person or online basis. I can tailor my training to suit your business’s unique needs for maximum impact. Alternatively, I can offer you my consultancy service to pinpoint areas where you’re succeeding and  where improvements can be made.

I can even take your campaign out of your hands altogether. Let me handle your Google Ads match types with my set up and management Google Ads service. I can use my experience in the industry to your business’s best advantage. By harnessing the power of my expertise, you can rest assured your campaign will reach the most suitable audience.


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My monthly charges depend on a number of factors such as the amount you spend, how many campaigns you require, whether you require monthly management or not and for how long. So it differs from client to client and is tailored to your budget and requirements. My Google Ads services are affordable and are based on the value you will get from the work I do. Contact me for a quote and proposal and to discuss my Process.