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Negative Keywords

When you’re running a Google Ads campaign, you want to get as much value as possible from your budget. Maximising your conversion rates and sales is paramount. One way you can reduce your bounce rate, improve click-through rates and boost your profitability is to use negative keywords.

You’re probably already aware that you need to select well-chosen and relevant keywords for your Google Ads. But many business owners are unaware of the benefits of adding negative keywords to their Ads too.

When you run an AdWords campaign, you’ll inevitably get some irrelevant searches that need to be blocked. This is where negative keywords can prove to be indispensable. Adding these keywords into your strategy will block any search that wastes your budget with zero returns. Yet, while this sounds very beneficial, many business owners are unaware of how to harness their power.

This is something that I can help you with. I am an expert in the field of Google Ads, keywords and PPC. I have years of experience as a Google Partner too. Therefore, you can rely on me to assist you with your Google Ads campaigns. I can help you to pinpoint the best negative keywords for your strategy through my consultancy service.

I can also offer you group coaching or 1:1 training tailored to your requirements. If you would prefer, I can even launch and run your Google Ads campaign for you. With my assistance and guidance, your business can enjoy maximum success by using Google Ads to its maximum benefit.


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