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Google Ads For Estate Agent

Trying to make your estate agency stand out from its competitors can feel like an impossible challenge in today’s online marketplace. There are few sectors as competitive as the housing market, so finding a way to reach local prospective purchasers and sellers is key.
Google Ads for estate agent firms is a great way to achieve this goal. With a Google Ads account for your estate agency business, you’ll be equipped with the essential tools your brand needs to target just the right audience.
Harnessing the full power of Google Ads for estate agent firms gives you all you need to really focus on your target market. You’ll be able to use highly targeted keywords in your ads that are precisely what your prospective clients are searching for, and you’ll even have the opportunity to set the times when your ads will be displayed so you can reach your audience at the very times they go online.
Although Google Ads for estate agent firms is a perfect tool to maximise your brand’s exposure within your local area, you could benefit from some additional guidance and support from a professional to ensure you harness it to its full potential.
As a Google Partner, PPC expert, and specialist in the field of Google Ads, I am best placed to give you the insight you need to take your company to the next level. Benefit from my setup and management service or take advantage of my consultancy training and coaching designed to meet the precise needs of your estate agency business.



Have you been looking for an easy way to learn the search terms other architects use for their Google Ads PPC campaigns? This spreadsheet is the ideal solution. When you download it, you’ll receive a complete keyword and search query list for as many as three architect competitors, as well as average costs per click for every keyword and search term on the list. Since you’ll also see competition levels and monthly search volumes for the search terms and keywords on the list you’ll be equipped with all you need to undertake further keyword research and to construct Google Ads ad groups and campaigns.
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Estate Agent CASE STUDY

The Smart Estate Agency are different to traditional estate agents in that they provide a better value option for homeowners wishing to sell their home by themselves – they will advertise homes on all the big property sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla for only £75…

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