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When you’re running an ecommerce business, you need an effective way of reaching your target audience. This is where Google shopping ads can prove to be indispensable. Product listing ads are a top campaign type in Google Ads. They enable you to easily target people who are searching for the products you sell. Not only can you target people on Google, you can also reach those using Google’s partner sites too.

Product listing ads can be far more effective than text ads. They appeal to prospective customers in the later stage of the purchasing funnel. Since Google shopping ads show not only an image but also a description, title, and price, they are eye-catching. Also, they’re only shown to people who’ve already shown an interest in the products you sell. Therefore, product listing ads attract qualified customers.

Yet, while Google shopping ads are an extremely helpful tool for ecommerce business owners, they’re not always easy to use. It’s important to get the basics right when creating your ads. That’s where I can assist you with my consultancy and coaching services.

For many years I have been working as a PPC and Google Ads expert and Google Partner. I have all the experience and knowledge you need to hone your shopping ads campaign. I can offer you coaching online or in-person, with either group or 1:1 training available.

I can also offer you a full consultancy service. Alternatively, let me set up and run your campaign on your behalf for the simplest and most convenient option.


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