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Google Ads For Gym

It seems that virtually everyone these days has taken out a gym membership, and that’s great news for you when you’re running a gym. However, it also means that you have to compete with countless other operators in your local area to attract new customers to your brand. Enter Google Ads for gym owners – the most useful tool to add to your marketing campaign.
Set up a Google Ads account for your gym, and you’ll immediately be able to make the most of highly targeted ad campaigns that are aimed precisely at your local target market. Google Ads lets you select the perfect keywords to match your prospective customers’ searches, and to time your ads for the moments when your audience goes online.
Harnessing the full possibilities that Google Ads for gym owners offer, however, often requires expert insight and guidance from a PPC and Google Ads specialist. This is where I am able to offer you my help and support. Thanks to my many years of experience in this industry, and thanks to my status as a Google partner, I’m the ideal choice to work with you to maximise the full potential of Google Ads for your business.
I offer a Google Ads set up and management service as well as consultancy, training and coaching on either a group or individual basis so that you can receive the advice and guidance that is best tailored to the exact requirements of your gym. Work with me, and you’ll discover the full potential that Google Ads has to offer.



Finding the best keywords and search terms to use for your gym Google Ads PPC campaigns isn’t always easy, but when you are armed with this helpful downloadable spreadsheet, you’ll have an incredibly handy tool at your disposal. It will reveal all of the popular keywords and search terms in use by up to three of your gym competitors together with each term’s level of competition, monthly search volume, and average cost per click. As a result, you’ll have all you need to undertake further keyword research and to make campaigns and Google Ads groups that have the most appropriate budget.
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Stars Gym is one of Battersea’s highest rated gyms, and yet they were still not seeing success from their Google Ads campaigns. They pride themselves on their state-of-the-art equipment that is arranged in a stylish and artistic manner to suit the fashionable Battersea area of London…

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