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Google Ads For Legal Firm

Running a firm of solicitors presents its own daily challenges, but it’s important not to overlook the importance of marketing for the success of your business. There is certainly no shortage of similar businesses in your local area, all seeking clients from within the same pool, and this makes it imperative to find ways of maximising your brand’s exposure. Google Ads for a legal firm is a great way to achieve your goals in this respect.
Set up Google Ads for legal firm businesses and you have a handy tool at your disposal to target precise audience sectors with ease. Reach local prospective clients effortlessly through the use of well-chosen keywords that are in line with their searches for legal service providers, and time the display of your ads to coincide with your audience’s online hours. It’s never been easier to put your legal firm clearly in view of the clients that you hope to reach.
It’s worth noting, though, that it can be difficult to get maximum benefit from Google Ads for legal firm businesses without some additional input from an expert in the field. As a Google partner, PPC and Google Ads expert, I can offer you the benefit of my years of experience in this industry with a set up and management service as well as training and coaching on either a one to one or group basis.
My consultancy services are designed to take your legal firm’s Google Ads campaign to the next level of success.



Finding the best legal keywords and search terms for use in your next Google Ads PPC campaign can be challenging, but when you know what your competitors in the legal field are doing you can come up with a better-informed strategy. That’s where this downloadable spreadsheet comes in. It gives you the details you need to know about the terms in use by three of your business rivals along with information about average costs per click, levels of competition, and search volumes per month for each one. You’ll soon be budgeting more effectively and constructing more effective Google Ads groups and campaigns.
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TQ Legal is the trading name of a single barrister who has almost 20 years’ experience. Over this period of time, his high-profile work has been featured by some of the largest media outlets, such as The Guardian, BBC, The Telegraph, and The Independent…

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