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Google Ads For Mortgage Broker

The UK’s housing market is as buoyant as ever before, with first-time buyers keen to get on the property ladder and existing homeowners keen to relocate. With this in mind, taking advantage of all the Google Ads for mortgage broker businesses has to offer is a very wise move.
When mortgage brokers set up their own Google Ads account, they have an efficient way at their fingertips to hone in on their target audience. By streamlining the process of marketing, Google Ads for mortgage broker businesses opens up a wealth of targeting opportunities so that individual audience segments can be reached in the most effective way.
Finding ways to make your mortgage brokerage stand out from the crowd is always difficult, but with Google Ads for mortgage broker businesses, you can make use of helpful tools that help to boost your brand’s reach. You can select keywords that are designed to target each audience segment, and time your adverts so they appear when that audience sector is most likely to search online for your products and services.
When it comes to making the most of Google Ads, however, you could benefit from the expert input of a specialist in the PPC and Google Ads field. As a Google Partner with years of experience in the industry, you can count on me for all your requirements. Whether you need training or coaching to help you implement a Google Ads strategy, or whether you want to take advantage of my set up and management service, my consultancy should be your first port of call.



If you’re struggling to determine which keywords or search terms to employ in your next mortgage broker Google Ads PPC Campaign, it could benefit you to know which ones your mortgage broker rivals are using. Our downloadable spreadsheet can give you that information effortlessly. You’ll be presented with the search terms in use by three of your competitors as well as each term’s level of competition, search volume per month, and average cost per click. That data is all you need to start carrying out better informed keyword research, to budget for campaigns more appropriately, and to build effective Google Ads groups and campaigns.
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Mortgage Broker CASE STUDY

Based in Hampshire, Mondo Finance are a small insurance and mortgage broker, operating a telephone-based service in the UK. They broker for buy to let mortgages, residential mortgages, bridging finance, secured loans, life assurance, and home insurance…

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