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Google Ads For Photographer

Whether you offer wedding photography, family photos, landscape images, or any other photographic service, Google Ads for photographer businesses can make an enormous difference to the success of your enterprise.
With many photographers setting up in every locality, it’s imperative to find ways to reach your local market in a streamlined and efficient way, and Google Ads for photographer businesses is the ultimate way to achieve this. Enabling you to hone in with ease on specific sectors of your target audience with highly-targeted keywords that match with those your prospective clients are already searching, a Google Ads account can make light work of your marketing campaigns.
Not only can Google Ads for photographer businesses enable you to carefully target your local market, it can also ensure you reach that market at the times it is most likely to be online by enabling scheduling of your ads for maximum impact.
Of course, it goes without saying that you want to be able to harness the full power of this helpful tool, and as a PPC expert and specialist in the Google Ads field, I am perfectly positioned to assist you with this.
My years of experience as a Google partner stands me in good stead to give you the coaching you need to make your campaign take off, or to help you set up and manage your Google Ads campaign effortlessly. When you work with me and my consultancy, you’ll find that your photography business achieves a higher level of success.



As a photographer, finding the right keywords and search terms to include in your Google Ads PPC campaign is imperative. What better way to choose the most appropriate ones than by finding out the terms that are currently in use by your photographer competitors? Our downloadable spreadsheet gives you that information at your fingertips, telling you not only which keywords they’re using right now, but also each term’s search volume each month, average costs per click, and competition levels. It will equip you to undertake more efficient keyword research, and to budget for campaigns more effectively. You’ll also be well-placed to build Google Ads groups and campaigns.
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Photographer CASE STUDY

Blink Imaging provide commercial and advertising photography in Glasgow, producing high-quality photographs for over 20 years. They are a small company who are very proud of their ethos and techniques – they believe that no two shoots are the same; each shoot deserves the same level of professionalism and high quality…

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