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PPC Agency

Are you ready to launch and run a Google Ads campaign as part of your business’s marketing strategy? Then you may be wondering whether a PPC agency is the right choice for you. Although many business owners choose PPC agencies to help manage their campaigns, they aren’t the only option. In fact, you may be better off choosing a different PPC management solution.

When it comes to the term “PPC agency”, you’ll discover many different sizes and types of companies using it. Not all are highly experienced, and some charge very high fees. For this reason, it’s often best to choose a PPC specialist or consultant instead.

A PPC agency can set up your Google Ads campaign for you and can run it in the long term. Unfortunately, though, due to the size of most agencies, you may find that several individuals handle your account. That can lead to an incohesive approach. You may also find that the daily management of your Google Ads campaigns are handled by junior staff members. They may lack the experience and knowledge they need to maximise your success.

If you opt to work with a consultant or specialist, however, you benefit from one-to-one support and guidance. You can be confident you’re working with an expert, and you know exactly who is managing your campaign. I am a PPC and Google Ads expert who is also a Google Partner. Thanks to my years of experience, I am proud to offer exemplary consultancy, management, and training services.





My monthly charges depend on a number of factors such as the amount you spend, how many campaigns you require, whether you require monthly management or not and for how long. So it differs from client to client and is tailored to your budget and requirements. My Google Ads services are affordable and are based on the value you will get from the work I do. Contact me for a quote and proposal and to discuss my Process.