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PPC Freelancer

Not every business owner is equally skilled when it comes to creating and managing a Google Ads campaign. Most business owners and entrepreneurs recognise that running a PPC campaign is a key marketing strategy. Yet, many lack the practical knowledge and experience that they need to make that campaign a success.

There’s certainly more to Google Ads and PPC than meets the eye. There are lots of elements to consider and factors to manage. It isn’t too surprising, then, that many companies are running campaigns that fail. For this reason, using the services of a PPC freelancer makes sense.

A PPC freelancer is a specialist in the field of Pay Per Click advertising. They have the skills necessary to maximise a company’s Google Ads marketing budget and achieve maximum ROI. As an expert PPC freelancer and Google Partner myself, I have years of experience in this sector. I know exactly what goes into creating and managing a highly successful Google Ads campaign. That means you can depend on me to harness the full potential of this extremely useful marketing tool.

As a business owner, you may benefit from my consultancy service. I can work with you around your specific Google Ads campaign requirements and help you make improvements to your strategies. I can also offer online or in-person group coaching or 1:1 training to help you learn the essentials. I also offer a full Google Ads set up and complete management service. That means I can take on the whole running of your campaign on your behalf for maximum convenience.


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