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Google Ads For Wedding Planner

The wedding market is as buoyant as ever, with couples all over the country looking for the perfect special day. As a wedding planner, you need to be able to connect with those couples in an efficient and convenient way so that you can expand your business and stay profitable. While this sounds easy, however, it isn’t always as simple as you might expect. This is where Google Ads for wedding planner businesses comes into play.
Targeting a specific audience is key to your wedding business. You need to be sure that your adverts are reaching qualified couples who are already interested in seeking out the service that you provide.
With Google Ads for wedding planner businesses, you can achieve this goal with ease through the use of keywords that are chosen specifically because they resonate with couples seeking wedding planning services, and through well-timed adverts that coincide with the times that those couples go online.
It’s likely, though, that you could benefit from some support, advice and guidance when it comes to making the most of all that Google Ads for wedding planner businesses has to offer, and my consultancy service should be your first port of call.
I have been working in the PPC and Google Ads sector for many years and I am a Google Partner with considerable experience in the industry. I can set up and manage your wedding planner Google Ads campaign on your behalf, or offer you coaching to help you make the most of this vital marketing tool yourself.



Have you been looking for an easy way to learn the search terms other architects use for their Google Ads PPC campaigns? This spreadsheet is the ideal solution. When you download it, you’ll receive a complete keyword and search query list for as many as three architect competitors, as well as average costs per click for every keyword and search term on the list. Since you’ll also see competition levels and monthly search volumes for the search terms and keywords on the list you’ll be equipped with all you need to undertake further keyword research and to construct Google Ads ad groups and campaigns.
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Wedding Planner CASE STUDY

Boutique Weddings is a company that organises tasteful and elegant weddings. They have many venues, each one more romantic than the other, but the flagship venue is on the beautiful Lake Como, near Milan…

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