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Does Google AdWords Really Work?

Thousands of businesses each year are turning to AdWords to increase sales and leads. That includes small one-band operations to large corporates with varying goals and strategies.


However, this increased interest in AdWords has seen competition levels reach astronomical levels.


Average Cost Per Click (CPC) rates have shot through the roof and the days of penny clicks are long behind us.


But all this interest in AdWords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms is rising in tandem with an increase in search volumes. According to Google, over 15% of searches each day are completely new to them and represent the many different ways people are now searching.


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Google has implemented new ways over the past 12 months to take advantage of this, including removing Ad results to the right of the page – thereby increasing clicks for advertisers.


Also, advertisers have more space above the organic results and this has led to an increase in PPC Click Through Rates (CTRs) and traffic volumes.


Advertisers that are keeping up with these changes are reaping the benefits. They are seeing better conversion rates than competitors and are investing more into PPC and seeing good ROI from their efforts.


Here are some reasons why I believe AdWords still works:


Adwords is measurable

One of the advantages of advertising on Google is that everything is trackable and measurable. That gives you insights into where to put your money and what results to expect.


Unlike most traditional advertising and online marketing channels, AdWords and PPC advertising in general allows you to measure the return for each £1 you spend. And this is all possible with tools and reports in Google Analytics and AdWords.


Adwords is affordable

Another benefit, unlike other channels, is that Google AdWords does not require a large initial financial outlay. You can start with a small budget, even as low as £10 per day, and then scale as you see good ROI.


So Adwords costs are not prohibitive, unlike other forms of advertising, and even the smallest of businesses can run profitable campaigns for affordable amounts


AdWords results are instant

Whether you are looking to bring in leads or sales, or offer a white paper download or just want to increase visitor volumes, AdWords advertising makes this possible. Because you’re targeting qualified prospects who are actively searching for your products or services, you can bring in sales within hours of launching your campaigns.


Unlike most other channels that take days or even months to see a return, a large of percentage of AdWords advertising is instantaneous. In fact, first time conversion rates can be as high as 5% and more.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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