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Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads Are Going Away: Take Action Now

Google Ads is phasing our expanded text ads and from June 2022 you will no longer be able to create or edit them. So, it’s important to start updating them now to improve the performance of your campaigns. Advertisers that use expanded text ads and no responsive search ads see lower performance for metrics like click through rate, clicks and conversions.

Google recommends that you transition to the new responsive search ads, however, you will still be able to pause and resume your expanded text ads or remove them if you need to.

But you will not be able to create new ones or edit them. So, that means you will not be able to update them and they will underperform over time.


What are expanded text ads?

Expanded text ads have been with us for about 5 years after standard text ads were phased out. They were revolutionary back when they were first launched because it meant advertisers had a lot more text space to promote their products or services. The text space increased by about 100% and this added an extra description line and two more headlines.


Expanded Text Ad


This is what is included with expanded ads:

3 Headlines – 30 character spaces each
2 Description Lines – 90 character spaces each
2 Display Paths – 15 character spaces each
Final URL


Why is Google doing this?

The main reason is because they have introduced Responsive search ads and according to tests they are proving a lot more effective. As Responsive search ads provide a lot more text space in the form of headlines and descriptions, they provide greater opportunities during auction-time.


Why you should update your text ads

Almost all advertisers are using expanded text ads or have used them in the past. It’s also likely that you still have them in your account and they have been running with a few updates here and there.

Responsive search ads require less updating and maintenance because you provide as much information as possible at the beginning and the algorithm works out the best headline and description combinations at auction time.

This saves you a lot of time and means you don’t have to add many ads in each ad group. And the algorithm decides which combinations to use, which is more efficient and effective than manual changes based on performance.


The new Text Ad format

Responsive search ads are the latest text ad format for Search campaigns. They provide greater simplicity, reach and automation and allow you to add up to 15 new headlines and four description lines which is much more than expanded text ads. They are now the default ad type for you to create.

This is what you get with Responsive search ads:

15 Headlines – 30 character spaces each
4 Description Lines – 90 character spaces each
2 Display Paths – 15 character spaces each
Final URL


Responsive Search Ads Headlines


Responsive Search Ads Descriptions


How I can help

Get in touch with me to help you update your expanded text ads before the due date.

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