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Google Ads Specialist

Watch this video to learn more about my fees and charges and the quote tool and why you should use it.

The campaign setup includes:

Setup a new campaign
Up to 15 Ad Groups in the campaign
New Ads
Up to 2 Ads per Ad Group
Keyword Research
Negative Keyword Research
Ad Extensions Added – Sitelinks, Callout, Call etc
You will Get Up To £400 Free Google Ads Voucher (for new accounts)
Bid Strategy selection
Location Targeting
Ad scheduling and more

Monthly management includes

Campaign & Ad Group Optimisation

this includes the structure and budget and locations and bid strategies and we must make sure these settings are the best to reach the targets

Negative keyword research

we will use the search terms report to identify irrelevant searches and block them

Landing Page Review

as part of the work I will carry out a review of the pages and use Google Analytics to advise you on engagement and performance and what changes to make

Conversion Rate Improvement

conversion rates are tied to the leads and enquiries and only search queries that are performing will be kept

Ongoing Keyword Research

we will do some initial keyword research to setup the ads effectively and this will be done regularly

Ad Testing

we will test ads and landing pages and go with the best performing ones

Quality Score Improvement

quality scores are important, and we will work on these regularly to try to get them to 10/10 for the keywords

Reducing CPC Rate

CPC rates affect how much you spend, and I will update you as often as is practical on what budgets to assign

I’ll send you a monthly report and we can discuss the metrics


I’ll carry out a review of your account and campaigns to improve performance. I’ll send you a report with recommendations and this includes an audit of:

Account Structure
Ads and keywords
Bid strategy
Search queries
Quality Scores
Landing Pages
And much more


I provide training to a wide range of businesses online on Zoom and this includes:

One-to-one training and Group training
Training in all campaign types
Choose one hour or multiple hours training
Training tailored to your requirements
Training in campaign setup and management
Learn how Google Ads works & how it can work for you
Learn how to manage your campaigns profitably
Don’t waste any more money in Google Ads


I have a simple fee and pricing structure and the quote tool above will send you an accurate quote and then you can make payment to get started.

I have a simple process for working with my clients, and you can find out more on my Process page.

Yes, I do offer a one-off campaign set up or optimisation service. Some clients just want a campaign set up service and then they take over the ongoing management. And some just require a one-off optimisation service or just Google Ads training or audit service. Whatever your requirements, the quote tool above will give you an accurate quote for a one-off service and you can cancel the management at any time.

I’ve worked with all industries in a wide range of clients in many industries and clients. So, it’s very likely that I’ve worked with clients in your industry and you can see the industries I’ve worked in on the homepage. These include clients in automotiveretaile-commercelegal and many others in the B2B and B2C sectors. However, I don’t work with clients in the gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment industries.

That will be determined by several factors. First, I’ll carry out some research and I’ll put together a proposal that outlines the goals we will set and what you can expect for metrics like conversion rate, click through rate and others. And I’ll setup and manage your campaigns in the best way possible to achieve your goals. Check out my Process page to learn more about the process I follow.

After getting your quote above in the quote tool, you are then able to make the payment for the service you have chosen, and I’ll be in touch with you within a few hours to let you know the next steps. If you have chosen the monthly management service too, payment will be taken from your credit/debit card at the same time each month.

That depends on several factors like the keywords you will use and level of competition. However, many advertisers start with a small monthly budget like £300 or $500 and then increase it as performance improves. So, if you are not sure, you can start with that and then increase it as performance improves, and I will be advising you too.

That depends on a few factors but two hours is usually a good number of hours to start with. That will equip you with the knowledge you need to run effective ads. And then you can take more hours later to continue improving.

I can guarantee that your campaign will be set up and managed in the best possible way. And when that is done you will definitely get sales or leads. However, the campaigns will need to be worked on to get to the sales or leads volume that you require. So regular managing and monitoring will be important.

Google Ads is a highly effective platform and it’s very common to start getting sales or leads from day one. In two weeks you will have a very good idea of what is working and what is not. And as we continue to work on your campaigns, you’ll see an improvement in targeting and more sales and leads.

it takes about 3-4 days to setup or optimise a campaign.

About Me

Google Ads Specialist

My name is Mike Ncube and I’m a Google Ads specialist with over 13 years’ experience setting up and managing effective campaigns for my clients. I’m confident that I can make your campaigns successful and I’m happy to discuss your requirements.

I’m a certified Google Partner and I’ve worked with clients from around the globe and I’ve been recognised by many organisations like the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) for my expertise. I’m a marketing author and I’ve written a bestselling book on Google Ads and PPC advertising.

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