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Google Ads for Bathroom Fitters

Google Ads for Bathroom Fitters: How to Setup An Effective Campaign

Google Ads is the most effective advertising channel for bathroom fitters. It allows you to target people who are searching for your services on Google, and so they are usually highly qualified visitors.

And the volume of traffic on Google is much higher than all other search engines combined and so it means you can increase traffic as you increase your budgets and therefore get more leads and enquiries.

This article explains some of the key features of setting up a Google Ads campaign for bathroom fitters.


Campaign objective

First you’ll start with the objective for your campaign. For bathroom fitters this will usually be a Lead objective to get enquiries from people who are searching for a bathroom fitter in your locations.

Campaign Goals

This objective will pick the settings that are important to helping you get leads and enquiries for your business. You can update this later if you want or you can customise the settings the way you want but that will usually come later as you run your ads and see what performance you’re getting.


Campaign type

Next, we need to pick your campaign type. In Google Ads, one of the best campaign types to run is a Search campaign. That’s because it helps you to add text ads and keywords to target people who are searching for your bathroom fitting services on Google.

Campaign Type

There are other campaign types like Performance Max that you can test later. And you should also consider setting up a Remarketing campaign to retarget people that have been on your website before, but did not contact you.



Your budget is the maximum amount you want to spend promoting your business in Google Ads. For bathroom fitters this should be sufficient enough to get targeted leads that will make your ads highly profitable.

Google Ads Budget

So, you’ll set a daily amount in campaign settings in the budget section. And if you’re just starting, then a monthly budget of £500 or $700 is a good amount to start with and then you can increase it as performance improves.



You’ll also need to set a bid strategy. With a new campaign you can focus on clicks, conversions, conversion value and impressions. Each of these then bids to help you get the best results from what you’re focusing on.

Later, you can switch to one of the automated or manual bidding strategies and have more control over how you use it. For your new campaign I recommend using Clicks so you can have access to the Maximise Clicks bid strategy to try and get you as much click traffic as possible.

Maximise Clicks



Now you’ll add keywords, which are one of the most important features of advertising in Google Ads. Here you can carry out some keyword research in the first Ad group that you create and then add the relevant ones.

You can also use the Keyword Planner tool in Tools & Settings and that will help you find keywords for all your ad groups and not just one. And then you can do some forecasting to see how much you’re likely to spend for each keyword and the whole campaign and what returns you’ll get based on a specific conversion rate.

Keyword Planner Tool

With your campaign I would recommend starting with phrase and exact match keywords only. So, don’t add any broad match keywords for now because that will drive many searches that are not relevant.

This is an example of a keyword that’s in the phrase and exact match formats:

“bathroom installers near me” – phrase match
[bathroom installers near me] – exact match


Text Ads

Next, you’ll create your text ads which should closely relate to the keywords you’ve chosen above, in your first ad group. So, you’ll be able to create Responsive search ads which provide you with up to 15 headlines and four description lines.

And your ads should include your unique selling point to really grab your visitors and get them to visit your website. Also include good benefits and features that highlight the most important things that customers want. And include your call to action in both the headlines and descriptions.

As you add these you’ll be able to see the rating for your ads and it’s important to try and get that to an Excellent rating. Including your primary keywords in the headlines will help to improve that significantly.

Responsive Search Ads Ad Strength


Ad schedule

One of the last features you may need to update is Ad schedule. For some bathroom fitters, running Google Ads campaigns at specific times is something that they find to be important. So they won’t run ads on all days and hours, but on specific ones based on what they are trying to achieve.

The Ad schedule feature will help you with this. And its default setting will run your ads on all days and hours as the screenshot below shows.

Ad Schedule

You can adjust this to any times that you want of course. And your Segments reports will should you how your ads have performed for clicks and conversions on the days and hours when they have run.

Time Segments Report


Get in Touch

Need help with setting up an effective campaign for for your business. I’m a Google Ads specialist and PPC freelancer and I’ve worked with some bathroom fitters over the years. Contact me below to discuss your requirements.

    I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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