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Google Ads for Clinics: How To Setup An Effective Campaign

Want to know how a Google Ads campaign for clinics could help your business? Many clinics use Google Ads to target people that are searching on Google for their services. They have realised that the Organic results are unpredictable and hard to control and that their rankings fluctuate constantly.

And they’ve also seen that Maps listings drive few searches because of the amount of competition. So, Google Ads is the solution because it provides greater control, better results and is scalable.

Whether you are a dental clinic, aesthetics clinic, ear clinic or other, a pay per click (PPC) campaign is the solution to driving highly qualified traffic. Many people searching for a clinic on Google are further down the purchase funnel and are ready to signup.

You’ll need to setup a Google Ads account first or login to one at to get started. Next, you’ll need to setup a new campaign. I’ve included here instructions on how to setup an effective Google Ads campaign for your clinic.


Campaign objective

Start by choosing a campaign objective that will help tailor your experience to the goals and settings that will work best for your campaign. For clinics, one of the best objectives to use is ‘Leads’ because it helps you to focus on getting enquiries from your website and ads.

Campaign Goals


Campaign type

A Google Ads campaign for clinics can choose one of the campaign types that are available for the ‘Leads’ objective. The most relevant for a clinic is the Search campaign because it focuses on targeting people that are searching for their services on Google.

Campaign Type

In the campaign you’ll have multiple ad groups, each with its own ads and keywords that are closely related to each other.



A sufficient budget is necessary to achieve your campaign’s goals. You’ll need to do some keyword research to determine the keywords you will add and the average cost per click for each. And this will help you to decide the monthly budget to set.

However, like most advertisers it is a good idea to start with a small monthly budget and then increase it as performance improves.

So, a budget of about $1000 or £700 is a good amount to start with in your first month and as you manage your campaign, you can start to increase it each month.

Google Ads Budget



As a clinic, you may not have enough time each day to manage your campaigns. So, it’s best to allow the Google Ads system to automate many of the campaign features like bidding at auction time.

An automated bid strategy is what you need because it sets bids automatically when your ads are eligible to appear. And it will place your ads in the best positions to be able to achieve your goals.

Using a manual bid strategy at the beginning like Manual CPC is less efficient and could cost you a lot of money. Instead, use an automated strategy like Maximise Clicks to get as many clicks as possible and then later you can try other bid strategies when you have more data and want to maximise performance.

Google Ads Bid Strategies



In Google Ads, there are tools that clinics can use to find keywords that potential clients will search with to find their services. The Keyword Planner tool is a good one to use and you can carry out research to find these keywords and also use the forecasting tool to see what you are likely to spend for each.

Keyword Planner Tool

And the automated bid strategy that you use will help to bid on those keywords and target your audience.


Text ads

Many clinics struggle with disapproved ads in Google because of the nature of the services that they provide.

So, it’s important to consider this as you create your ads and you may have to leave out some of these from your ads to avoid disapprovals.



There are many targeting options available to you in Google Ads. You can target the whole country or city, town, postcodes, counties and more. And as a clinic you can use an advanced targeting option like Radius targeting to target people within a certain radius around your clinic.

Radius Targeting

Radius targeting is one of the best targeting options to use, because you can target people within a certain distance from your clinic, like 20 miles for example.


Ad schedule

People search for clinics at all times and it’s important to be visible when they are searching, whether that is on the go on a mobile or at home on a PC or anywhere else. The Ad schedule feature helps you to set the days and hours when you want your ads to visible.

Ad Schedule

The default setting is for your ads to run at all times. You can start with this setting and later when you have gathered more data you can focus on the best days and hours for your ads.


Where your ads appear

Running a Search campaign in Google Ads for clinics means ads will appear on the Google search engine when people search. If you opt into the Search Network, your ads will also appear on search partner sites that extend the reach of Google search advertising.

Google Networks

You can also opt into the Display Network if you want to advertise on the many websites and apps that are part of this network. But your ads will only appear there if you have budget left over from the Search ads.


Case Study

Nova Clinic is a London based skin health and cosmetic treatments clinic. They were running some campaigns but their ads were being disapproved with little information coming from Google, and this was affecting performance. I created a new campaign for them focusing on the right keywords and ad messages and this helped to reduce their cost per acquisition to just £4. Read the full case study.


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