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Google Ads for Fertility Clinic

Google Ads for Fertility Clinic: How to Setup An Effective Campaign

More fertility clinics are seeing the benefits of advertising their services in Google Ads, to target people who are looking for IVF treatment and other solutions. And many of them are targeting local people and those abroad who may want to travel to receive their treatment.

But, fertility treatment can be expensive and very few individuals and couples can afford it without some financial assistance. So, many clinics are able to help with this and they make it clear in their text ads and landing pages how they can help.

If you’re looking to run a Google Ads campaign to target your audiences, or are already running one but not seeing good performance, then the tips here will help you. You will need to setup a new campaign and the guidance here will help you to do that effectively.


Campaign objective

One of the first things you’ll do when setting up a new Google Ads campaign for your fertility clinic is to set your objective. This describes what you want to achieve with your campaign, so it’s important that you pick the correct one.

Campaign Goals

For a fertility clinic this is likely to be the “Leads” objective, to help you get enquiries and calls from your potential customers. The Google Ads system will then set the right features and controls for you, to help you meet the objective you’ve set.


Campaign type

One of the things the objective you pick will help you with is choosing the right campaign type to target people who are in the market for IVF treatment and other fertility services. You’ll see a few campaign types to pick from that are relevant for this objective.

Campaign Type

A Search campaign is usually the best campaign type to set up because it allows you to target people who are searching for fertility treatments on Google. So, these people are usually highly qualified and will be more likely to contact your clinic to learn more.

So, you’ll need to create some text ads, keywords and ad groups to promote your clinic.



Keywords for fertility clinics can be competitive, so it’s important to set the right budget to drive a good volume of traffic and enquiries. However, it’s ok to start with a small budget and test the ads and then increase the budget as performance improves.

Google Ads Budget

A good budget to start with in your new campaign is £700 or $1000 per month and then run your ads and test them to see what you get.



Next, you’ll need to think about keyword bidding, which helps to place your ads on Google and determines your cost per click (CPC). So, you need to make sure you pick the right bid strategy to start with. There are automated and manual bidding strategies and each of them serves a different purpose.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

Automated bid strategies save you a lot of time because the system sets the bids for you at auction time based on the context. So, you don’t have to set individual bids at the keyword level which can be inefficient and time-consuming.

Maximise Clicks is the bid strategy I recommend you start with. It will place bids for your keywords and try to get as much click traffic as possible for your budget.



To advertise your fertility clinic effectively, you’ll need to pick the right keywords to add in your ad groups. These keywords will determine the search queries that you’ll get, so keyword research will be an important exercise to carry out to find the right ones.

Keyword Planner Tool

Also, to get the right search queries you also need to use match types correctly. These help to control the type of searches that you get. When you are just launching a new campaign, avoid using broad match type because it’s likely to send you many searches that are not relevant, especially when you have a limited negative keyword list.

Instead, add only phrase and exact match keywords so you have more control over your searches. This is an example of a keyword in phrase and exact match formats:

“ICSI treatment” – phrase match type keyword
[ICSI treatment] – exact match type keyword


Text Ads

Next, you’ll need to create some Responsive Search Ads to promote your fertility clinic. And in each ad group it’s ok to have one well written ad that has all the key benefits and features and uses as many of the 15 headlines and four description lines that are available in there.

Having two ads in an ad group is fine too, but most businesses don’t need that many headlines and descriptions to promote their services. What you should focus on are the most important benefits for your business.


Ad schedule

The Ad schedule feature helps you to set the days and hours when you would like all the ads in your campaign to run. Remember, the settings you make here affect all the ads in the campaign because this is a campaign-level feature.

Ad Schedule

You can go with the default settings as the screenshot above shows. Or you can narrow it down to the most important times for you. But when you launch a new campaign it’s best to leave the default settings and run the ads at all times and then review to see how things have performed later.


Where your ads appear

Where your ads appear is an important consideration for advertisers to know. As a fertility treatment centre, that is especially important because you don’t want to waste your spend on traffic that will not bring you a good return on ad spend (ROAS).

Because you’ll be setting up a Search campaign, your ads will appear on Google as people search for your services. And you can also opt into Search partners so your ads can appear on other sites and search engines that have partnered with Google to display search results for them. You can select this option in your campaign.

Google Networks

You’ll also notice that there is an option to advertise on the Display network. Because this is a different type of network that doesn’t include search targeting, I would not recommend you add it. Instead, it’s better to setup a separate Display campaign if you would like to advertise there and then choose the most relevant targeting options.


Get in Touch

I’m a Google Ads specialist and PPC freelancer and I’ve helped a few fertility clinics to setup and manage their campaigns and also with auditing and training services. Contact me below to discuss your requirements.

    I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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