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Google Ads for Flower Delivery Business

Google Ads for Flower Delivery Business: How To Setup A Great Campaign

Promoting your flower delivery business with Google Ads is one of the most effective ways online to get new customers and sales. It provides you with the tools you need to reach people who are searching for flowers on Google, and to retarget them with great text and image ads as they browse the web.

You’ll have a wide range of advertising features and reports to ensure that your ads are running effectively and bringing in targeted sales that meet your goals.

So, here is a guideline on how to setup a Google Ads campaign for your flower delivery business.


Campaign objective

One of the first things you’ll need to do as part of your campaign setup is choose the objective. So, for your flower business, that will be to get sales on your website when people search, click through and purchase on your website or over the phone.

Campaign Goals

The Sales objective like other objectives, then selects the features, controls and campaign types that will help you achieve that objective. And you’ll setup a goal to track sales conversions as they happen on your website.


Campaign type

After choosing your Sales objective, you’re now presented with a list of campaign types that relate to that. So, you’ll see the Search and Shopping campaigns and these will be the most relevant for your flower business. But here we will focus on setting up a Search campaign.

Campaign Type

With a Search campaign, you’ll look for relevant keywords to bid on and your ads will appear on Google for people who are searching with those keywords.



Next, you’ll need to think about one of the most important aspects of your campaign, which is budget setting. This is the maximum amount you want to spend daily and monthly. For example, if you’re to run your ads on all days and have a monthly limit of £600, your daily limit will therefore be about £20.

Google Ads Budget

As performance improves, you should increase your budget to increase clicks and conversions. And you can easily update this in campaign settings to match your ongoing requirements.



A new Google Ads campaign for a flower delivery business should pick the right bid strategy to be able to get good traffic volumes which will lead to good sales. And an automated bid strategy like Maximise Clicks helps to get as much traffic as possible for the budget.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

And later you can change to another bid strategy when you’ve had a significant amount of conversions. So, Maximise Conversions would be a good one to try later and then you can set a target cost per action (CPA) to state how much you want to pay for each conversion.

Target Cost Per Acquisition Bidding Strategy



Next, choose the keywords to bid on, to bring qualified visitors to your website. You can use the Keyword Planner tool in your account to carry out keyword research. You’ll find this tool in the Tools & Settings section.

Keyword Planner Tool

Also, avoid using broad match types at the beginning. Broad match is likely to drive searches that are too broad and not relevant for your business. So, start with phrase and exact match keywords like the keyword example below:

“online flower delivery” – phrase match keyword
[online flower delivery] – exact match keyword


Text ads

For your Search campaign, you’ll need to create some text ads that will appear for people who are searching on Google. Responsive search ads are the new text ad format in Google Ads and you’ll need to have at least one for each of your ad groups.

In each ad you should include the key points like benefits and features that are most important to your visitors. And because Responsive search ads have 15 headlines and four description lines, you’ll not be short of space to include these.


Ad schedule

One of the final features you’ll set in your new campaign is the Ad schedule feature. This helps you to set the days and hours when you’d like your ads to run. The default setting is that your ads will run at all times as the screenshot below shows.

Ad Schedule

A helpful report that will allow you to see which are the best days and hours to run your ads, is the Time report in Segments.

Time Segments Report

And you can see when you are getting conversions for the hours, days and weeks when your ads have been running. Then you can adjust your Ad schedule feature accordingly if you like.


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