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google ads for funeral directors

Google Ads for Funeral Directors: How To Setup An Effective Campaign

A Google Ads campaign for funeral directors is an effective way to target local people looking for funeral services. Using the tools available in Google, you can setup your campaign features and be ready to advertise within a few hours.

And on your website you can provide more information about what you’ve highlighted in the text ads that people see on Google.

To get started, create an account at and then follow the instructions below to setup your campaign.


Campaign objective

A Google Ads campaign for funeral directors should use the ‘Leads’ objective to get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action.

Campaign Goals

This objective then recommends settings and features to help you attract people to your business. And visitors can call directly from your ads or visit your website to complete a form and contact you.


Campaign type

Next, you’ll pick the Google Ads campaign type to run to promote your funeral home. Because you want to get leads and want to target people that are searching on Google for funeral directors, then a Search campaign is the best option.

Campaign Type

With a Search campaign, you will add keywords that relate to the search queries that people use online as they search for funeral directors. This will require some research and it should be focused on the locations you are targeting.



Setting a Google Ads budget is one of the difficult decisions that funeral directors have to consider. The budget you set determines how much traffic you’ll get and how many leads you’ll get from that to achieve your goals.

Google Ads Budget

A good place to start is with a test budget to see what returns you get in the first month of your campaign. This can be as low as $500 or £300 per month and then you can increase this as you see performance improve and your lead conversion rate continues to increase.



Google Ads provides funeral directors and funeral homes a number of options to target their local audience. This can include targeting your county or cities that you serve or even postcodes if you want to go narrower.

Location options


Another option is to use advanced location targeting. This allows you to target a radius around your funeral home, for example, a 20 mile radius around your postcode. And you can adjust the radius based on your specific requirements.


Radius Targeting


However, radius targeting is known to target a few people outside of the radius sometimes. It’s not 100% perfect because of how IP addresses are allocated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).



Google Ads has two bidding strategy types: automated and manual bidding. Each has its benefits and drawbacks and you can use them at different stages of your advertising, to help achieve your objective.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

The Maximise Clicks bid strategy is one of the best to start with for a Google Ads campaign for funeral directors. It helps you to get as many clicks as possible for your campaign budget.

And later you can change to another strategy like Maximise Conversions with a target cost per acquisition when you have more data and can see what your average cost per conversion is.



One of the first things you should do when setting up a Google Ads campaign is to do some keyword research. This helps you find keywords to bid on, that are closely related to what people search with on Google.

In your account there is the Keyword Planner tool that you use to do the research and you can also do forecasts to get an idea of what to spend.

Keyword Planner Tool

As funeral directors, you should look for many long tail, location-specific keywords to bid on. The keyword research tool will help you find these and then you can add them in your campaign ad groups.

Also, add phrase and exact match keywords only, and later you can add broad match when you want to increase traffic and target other search term variations.

This is an example of a keyword in the phrase and exact match formats and you can do the same for all the keywords you find:

“funeral directors near me” – phrase match keyword
[funeral directors near me] – Exact match keyword


Text ads

Next, for your Google Ads campaign for funeral directors, you should write text ads to target your search audience. The Responsive search Ad format is the main ad format for your campaign. And later you can test others in different ad groups, like dynamic search ads and call-only ads.

Responsive search ads provide you with up to 15 headlines and four description lines to include all the key benefits and features that relate to your funeral services.

And the machine learning system combines them at auction-time based on the search context like search term used, the device used, location of searches and much more.


Ad schedule

When you run your ads is another important decision for your your account. Using the Ad schedule feature you can choose the days and hours when you would like to see your ads running. The default setting is to run the ads on all days and hours.

Ad Schedule

As funeral directors it’s best to run your ads 24/7 because people search for your ads on all days and hours. However, later you can narrow it down to the best hours if you want to, based on the performance reports in the Segments section on the Campaigns tab.

Time Segments Report


Where your ads appear

Your text ads will appear on Google for people in your targeted locations when they do a search. This could be anywhere on the search results page, including the top section above the Organic results or below these results, and that largely depends on your bidding.

As funeral directors, appearing in the top four positions above the Organic results is a good idea because it means you get a higher click through rate and more clicks and leads.

However, higher positions also usually come with higher bid costs, so you want to be more cautious at the beginning.

You should look to appear in the Search partner network which includes hundreds of Google partners that provide search results.

Google Networks


Case Study

Ivan Fisher is a funeral home that offers the highest standard of care and attention to its clients. They have a great website but were struggling to attract good traffic from it. Their Google Ads campaign was underperforming and they needed help from a Google Ads specialist to improve performance. I setup a new campaign which increased click through rates by over 150%. And cost per click dropped below £1 per click. Read the full case study.


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