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Google Ads for IT Support Business

Google Ads for IT Support Business: How to Setup An Effective Campaign

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising channels for an IT Support business. That’s because it provides the widest range of tools to target the right audiences and boost leads, enquiries, brand awareness and any other marketing goals you may have.

But advertising an IT Support business can be expensive. This is especially true if you’re targeting people who are searching for an IT company on Google and are highly relevant audiences.

And that’s because there are many businesses that will also be targeting those people and so it can get competitive.

So, in this article I list some things that you’ll need to update your campaign and advertise effectively.


Campaign objective

One of the first features to update in your new campaign is the objective. For an IT Support business that should be a ‘Leads’ objective to focus on getting leads and enquiries from your ads and website. And this can include getting calls, form submissions, downloads, registrations and more.

Campaign Goals

Like other objectives, this one then recommends features that will help you to reach your advertising goals. One of the features that it recommends is the type of campaign that you should create, which we will look at next.


Campaign type

Next, you’ll select the campaign type that best aligns with a Leads objective, to help you focus on getting a good number of enquiries and leads. One of the best campaign types for this is the Search campaign type, because it allows you to target people who are searching for your IT support services.

Campaign Type

Another campaign type that you can test is Performance Max. This is mainly an automated campaign, so many of the decisions to place your ads and who to target are made by the system. And it places your ads across all the Google networks including the Search network, Display network, YouTube and so on.



IT Support is a competitive industry in Google Ads and average cost per click (CPC) rates can be quite high. For UK-based businesses that can be over £10 per click and a lot more for US-based businesses. So, it’s important to set the correct budget that will help you get good returns.

Google Ads Budget

Doing some keyword and competitor research will help you with setting the right budget. But you can also start with a test budget of about £800 or $1000 per month and then increase it as time progresses.



The bid strategy to use for a new campaign is Maximise Clicks. This is an automated strategy which focuses on getting you as much traffic as possible for your budget. And other like other automated bid strategies, it sets bids automatically for you at auction-time and saves you a lot of time.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

And then as you run your campaign you can test other bid strategies. One way you can do that is by running an experiment and test other automated and manual bidding strategies. You can set a target cost per action (CPA) to increase conversions while setting a limit on how much to spend on each lead.



Next, you’ll come to a stage of setting up your Search campaign that’s very important and that’s to create your first ad group and add your keywords. So, you’ll need to do some keyword research to find keywords to bid on and drive targeted searches.

Keyword Planner Tool

You can use the Keyword Planner tool as the screenshot above shows, or you can use the Keyword tool in your ad group. This allows you to search with a web page URL or with IT support keywords and it will give you some suggestions to add

Keyword Research in Ad Group


Text Ads

You’ll also need to create a text ad in your new ad group. This will be a Responsive Search Ad with 15 headlines and four description lines. So, you’ll have a lot of space to highlight some key benefits and features about your IT support company.

Also, there are other important things to include in your ads. Your primary keyword should be in the headline, and Headline One in particular is the best place to put it. When people see the keyword they’ve used in the ad , they are likely to click through.

Also include some unique selling points that make your ads differentiated from competitors’ ads. But that can be a challenge for IT support businesses because they usually offer the same solutions. But if you take the time to review this carefully and brainstorm, you’re likely to find something to highlight that others don’t offer.


Ad schedule

Next, you’ll need to decide when your ads should appear on Google, when people are searching for your IT services. For an IT Support business running a Google Ads Search campaign, appearing during working hours is the best option.

Ad Schedule

So, this should be between 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and it should be updated in the Ad schedule feature. Also, computer visitors are likely to be of more value than those visiting from Smartphones and tablets.

But you can let your ads run on all devices at the beginning and then update it later when you’ve looked at your reports to see how your ads have performed.


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