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Google Ads for Manufacturers: How To Setup An Effective Campaign

Google Ads is a proven marketing platform for manufacturers who are looking to sell their products and get leads from other businesses too. It also has powerful tools to raise awareness and increase interest in your business.

But there are a few challenges like what budget to set, what keywords to use, what bid strategy to start with and so on. Fortunately, I’ve covered these in this article and hopefully that should help you setup a highly targeted campaign.

If you’re new to Google Ads, head over to to create your account first and then follow the guidelines below to create your first campaign.


Campaign objective

Google Ads targeting for manufacturers should focus on driving leads. This is one of the most popular objectives because it focuses on updating the features to get the most leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action.

Campaign Goals

You can also opt out of an objective and then customise the features to your requirements and pick the campaign type that you want.


Campaign type

The campaign type you choose is very important and Google Ads has a number of options for manufacturers. These help you to achieve many objectives like sales, leads, brand awareness and others. However, as a ‘Leads’ campaign, the best campaign type to use is a Search campaign.

Campaign Type

This allows you to target businesses that are searching for your products and solutions on Google.



Next, you should set a limit on how much you want to spend in your campaign. This budget limit is easily changeable and if you need to spend more each day you can just adjust it upwards.

Google Ads Budget

For manufacturers, the volume of searches for products is usually low and so a smaller budget can work. For example, doing keyword research helps you to see how many people are searching in your locations and that helps you to set your budget.

However, a starter budget of $800 or £500 for the first month is a good amount to start with and then increase it as performance improves.



Setting the right bid in Google Ads for manufacturers can often be a challenge especially at the beginning. It’s not always easy to know what bids to set even after having done some keyword research. The right bid is often a moving target.

So, the best option is to use an automated bid strategy at the beginning. This sets the bids in your campaign automatically and factors in the context at auction-time to set the right bid.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

Maximise Clicks is one of the best bid strategies to start with because it works to get as many clicks as possible for your budget. And you can set a bid limit if you want and adjust it as performance improves.



Do some keyword research to find keywords to add to your campaign and target people who are searching for your products and services. The Keyword Planner tool will help you with this and you can find it in the Tools & Settings section in your account.

Keyword Planner Tool


Text ads

Focus on writing targeted ads that promote your products effectively with benefits and features that your target market will respond to. This will help to boost your click through rates and increase Quality Scores and help you get as many clicks as possible.

Responsive search ads will help you to do this and will give you recommendations on how to improve the quality of your ads.



When setting up location targeting, you should target people in the specific locations you want to reach and maybe those who are interested in your locations. You can test this. These settings can be updated in Location Options, but it’s important that you only appear in locations that are relevant to you and where your company can do business.

Location options


Ad schedule

Google Ads campaigns that are run by manufacturers should mostly focus on running ads during working hours like 8am to 6pm. This helps to focus only on businesses that are searching for your products.

The ad schedule feature helps you to set the days and hours when you’d like to run your ads. It’s a campaign settings feature and the default setting is to run the ads at all times. You can update this to your requirements of course.

Ad Schedule


Where your ads appear

A Search campaign places ads in the Google search results to target people who are searching. These ads are placed at the top or bottom of the search results depending on your bids, keywords, device used and so on.

If you opt into Search partners, your ads will also appear on search partner websites. These are hundreds of sites where you can advertise like you do on Google.

Google Networks

The Display Network includes millions of websites and apps that your ads can appear on. However, your ads will only appear there when you have daily budget left over from your search ads.


Case Study

Abmark is an industrial laser specialist that is focused on the design and manufacturing of high-quality laser solutions. They were working with an agency to manage their campaigns but they were not reachable and the campaign performance was poor. I helped them to setup a new Search campaign and we were in regular contact to improve it. They were able to get at least 31 quality leads per month. Read the full case study.


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