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Google Ads for Recruiters: How To Setup An Effective Campaign

A Google Ads campaign for recruiters is an effective way to promote a recruitment business online. It provides you with a targeted audience of people and businesses that are looking for a recruiter on Google in your location.

Using an inbound marketing that is keyword-based, you only target people that are actively looking for a recruitment business and that prevents wasted budget.

However, Google Ads does offer a variety of campaign types that also include brand awareness and influencer consideration objectives, however the most suitable campaign for a recruitment business is a conversion-focused campaign targeting searchers.

Follow the tips below to setup a Google Ads campaign for recruiters today.


Campaign objective

The campaign objective is the first feature you will set in your new campaign. And as a recruiter you can use any of the objectives that are available depending on what you want to promote. It’s likely that the “Leads” objective is the most suited because it targets people who are searching for a recruitment agency and are likely to call or email.

Campaign Goals

This objective helps you to get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action.


Campaign type

Because you are looking to get leads, you should select a Search campaign type. With this campaign you target people and businesses that are searching for a recruitment business in your location on Google.

Campaign Type

This is a keyword-based campaign and that means you will add keywords in your Google Ads campaign for people looking for recruiters.



Budget setting is one of the most important features you will set in your campaign settings. To advertise your recruitment business on Google, you should start with a test budget of at least $700 or £500 per month and then increase it as performance improves.

In budget settings, enter the amount that you want to spend each day. For the month, you won’t pay more than your daily budget multiplied by 30.4, the average number of days in a month. Some days you may pay more and some less but you won’t be charged more than your daily budget times the average number of days each month.

Google Ads Budget


A Google Ads campaign for recruiters can use one of the many bid strategies that are available. The one you use or start with determines on a number of factors. For example, if you want to start with achieving a high number of impressions and to appear in specific positions on the results page, then a Target Impression Share bid strategy is the best to start with.

And, if you want to get as many clicks as possible for your budget, then the Maximise Clicks bid strategy is the one for you. This is an automated strategy and it will set the bids automatically and your positions are determined by a number of signals.

Google Ads Bid Strategies

Later, when you have achieved a high amount of traffic data, you can change to another automated strategy like Maximise Conversions with a target cost per acquisition (tCPA).

Or you can change to a manual bid strategy to gain greater control over your bidding and change bids manually at the campaign, ad group or keyword level.


The keywords you choose for your campaign determine the search queries that drive visitors to your website. To control the quality of the searches that you get its best to start with match types that give you more control like phrase or exact match.

For example you could add keywords with these match types:

“Recruitment Agency” – Phrase match
[Recruitment Agency] – Exact match

“Job recruitment” – Phrase match
[job recruitment] – Exact match

Later you can expand to broad match type keywords to drive more traffic to your website and also target searches that you may not have included as keywords.

Text ads

Next, create effective text ads that help you target people that are actively looking for a recruitment provider in your area. Use good copywriting skills to help achieve high click-through rates.

Some suggestions to achieve good performance for your responsive search ads include:

• Add as many headlines as possible, up to 15. You also get some headline suggestions that include calls to action, promotion phrases, location phrases and more.
• Include your popular keywords in your headlines.
• Make your headlines more unique and differentiated from what competitors are using. So, spend some time looking at what the competition is saying and then create something unique
• Make your descriptions unique too. You have four description lines to use so make the most of them.



As a recruitment business, you can target as many towns, cities, postcodes etc that are relevant to your business. But first consider the keywords that you are bidding on and the volume of traffic that you could get and the budget you have. It’s better to start with a smaller location if you have a small budget and then increase as performance improves.

You can also use radius targeting to target people who are within a certain radius of your business. For example, target people that are within 20 miles radius of your offices

Radius Targeting


Ad schedule

You can run your ads all days of the week and at all times of the day. This is a good way to start your campaign and then you can narrow your targeting to the best days and times based on the performance.

Ad Schedule

However, for a recruitment business, running ads during working hours is a good way to get started. This means you can focus your budget during those times when you are most likely to get enquiries.

Just bear in mind that you may also miss some good traffic during weekends and evenings when people search too and make email enquiries.


Where your ads appear

Because this is a Search campaign, your ads will appear on Google when people search for a recruitment agency in your targeted location. You can also opt-in to Search partners and your ads will appear on hundreds of non-Google websites as well as YouTube and other Google sites.

Additionally, you can also include the Display Network and your ads will appear on these partner websites when you have unused Search budget. But the Display Network is very different from Search and you will often see a lower conversion rate because the traffic is not as targeted. So, this network should be left out and instead just focus on Search

Google Networks


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