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google ads for wedding planners

Google Ads for Wedding Planners: How To Setup An Effective Campaign

Achieving success with Google Ads for wedding planners requires research into your target audience and then setting up a targeted campaign to reach them. It also includes using the campaign controls and features to continue improving your campaign as the landscape gets more competitive.


And Google Ads helps you automate many processes like bidding at auction time, so you can focus more on managing your business. This is possible with Google’s machine learning capabilities that make decisions at auction time to fit the context.


Many couples use Google to search for wedding planners to help make their day truly special. With a well targeted campaign in Google Ads you can reach them and increase business for your wedding agency.


Follow the guidelines below to setup your Google Ads campaign.


Campaign objective


The ‘Leads’ objective is for advertisers that want people to take action from their ads and website, like calling from the ad or contacting them from the contact form. As a wedding planner the ‘Lead’ objective helps you to pick the right features and settings for your campaign.


Campaign Goals


Campaign type


A Google Ads campaign for wedding planners should focus on targeting the right audience to achieve a good conversion rate. Because you’re focusing on getting leads, you should go with a Search campaign.


Campaign Type


A Search campaign uses keywords to target people searching on Google for a wedding planner.


Your website is very important to your campaign too, because it is where people will contact you from. So, you should have a well designed contact form that’s easy to fill out for people on all devices including mobile.




Choosing a budget for your campaign is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Competition for ‘wedding planner’ keywords can be high and so the budget you set can determine the amount of traffic and the leads you get from your campaign.


Google Ads Budget


A budget of at least $500 or £300 per month is a good amount to start with. And as you get more traffic and analyse performance you can block any searches that are not relevant and not converting and then increase your budget to increase your leads.




Google Ads has automated and manual bidding strategies that you use to set bids at auction time. With automated, your bids are set automatically to achieve the objective of your campaign, of increased leads. And with manual bidding, you set the bids yourself manually at the ad group and keyword levels


Google Ads Bid Strategies


As a wedding planner, it’s best to use an automated bid strategy because that will save you a lot of time and be more efficient. Like most advertisers you probably don’t have time each day to update bids and make changes to your campaign. So, allowing the Google Ads system to do that will increase effectiveness as you leverage the power of the machine learning system.




Use the Keyword Planner tool in your Google Ads account to find the keywords that your target market will be searching with as they look for a wedding planner. You will find this tool in the Tools & Settings section in your account.


Keyword Planner Tool


Also, start with phrase and exact match type keywords only, to control the searches that you get for your ads. Using broad match will drive many searches that are not relevant, especially when you still have a small negative keyword list at the beginning.


An example of a keyword in phrase and exact match is shown below, and you can do the same for all the keywords you find during your research.


“luxury wedding planner” – phrase match keyword

[luxury wedding planner] – exact match keyword


Text ads


A Google Ads campaign for wedding planners should have at least one Responsive search ad in each ad group. And you should use all the text space available which includes 15 headlines and four description lines.


For your ads to be effective, focus on the needs of your visitors with the following guidelines:


  • add the main keyword in the headline, and in headline one preferably
  • Include a strong call to action to encourage visitors to take action
  • Talk about the benefits that your wedding planning agency provides
  • Make your headlines unique and check what competitors are saying
  • Include all the relevant ad extensions to enhance your ads


Ad schedule


The ideal setting for a Google Ads campaign for wedding planners is to run ads on all days and hours. That’s because couples and people searching for wedding services will be searching at all times including weekends and evenings and even when they are mobile on their Smartphones.


Ad Schedule


And later you can change the ad schedule to run ads only on those days or hours that you see the best performance in.


You should also consider other locations you are targeting that are outside of your account’s time zone. If you set times that are relevant to one location, like a country for example, that will be different for people in other countries with different time zones.


Where your ads appear


Your ads appear on Google and across its partner websites if you’ve opted into the Search partner network too. This network includes hundreds of sites that have partnered with Google to display search results for people that search there.


Google Networks


And if you opt into the Display network, your ads will also appear on third party websites and apps, that display image and banner ads. There are millions of websites and apps that are part of the Display network and your ads will only appear there if you have budget left over after the Search network traffic.


On the Google Ads search results, your ads will appear at the top or bottom of the page alongside other wedding planner websites.


Case Study


Boutique Weddings is based in Italy and offers elegant wedding services to clients around the world. They were new to Google Ads and needed help understanding how it works and to work with a Google Ads specialist to setup an account for them and manage it. I setup a new account and campaign and they were able to quickly achieve a 5% conversion rate. Read the full case study.


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