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How Can I Find A PPC Freelancer?

Finding a good PPC Freelancer can be a challenge. There are thousands to choose from and it’s not always easy to determine how experienced they are.


Many will have their own websites and most will be on freelance sites such as People Per Hour and Upwork. So searching on Google or one of the freelance sites will produce many options to choose from.


This can be both good and a challenge: good because you have many to choose from; and a challenge because it’s not easy to to choose the right one.


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The type of campaign you want to setup will also determine the freelancer you work with. Search campaigns are by the far the most popular campaign type in AdWords. But you should also check that the PPC freelancer has expertise in other campaign types such as Shopping, Remarketing, Display, Video and Universal App campaigns if you need help with these too.


Here are three top ways to find a PPC Freelancer:


Search on Google
One effective way to find a PPC Freelancer is to begin with a search on Google. A good PPC Freelancer will have experience running their own AdWords campaigns and not just their clients campaigns. So if they are appearing on Google Advertising their own PPC services, then it’s likely they know what they are doing.


Check particularly the highest ranked PPC Freelancers. They will be spending over £10 Per Click to secure that high position and they wouldn’t be there if the campaign was not successful.


Check out my highest ranked ad below on Google for the keyword “PPC Freelancer”. I pay £12 per click on average for that keyword:



Use a Freelancer Website
There are a number of freelance websites you can use to search for an AdWords Freelancer. The most popular in the UK is People Per Hour which has thousands of marketers from around the world.


Here you can search for a freelancer or purchase an Hourlie from one of the top providers. Finding a good freelancer is not hard because you can easily see their reviews and assess the profile to see if they have expertise. You can also contact them directly if you have any questions or want to have a phone or Skype chat.


Another option is to post a job and then wait for the applications to roll in. Depending on what you’re offering and the work to be done, you can expect to receive about 40 applications on average.


This can be a lot to sift though of course and could take up much time. Just make sure you have a selection criteria that will help you select the top three to interview.


Some criteria you can use include:

1. What Cert status they have? Top Cert is the highest
2. What do they charge?
3. Have they answered the questions in the job description with a tailored proposal and not just a generic one?
4. What AdWords strategy do they propose based on your description?
5. Do they have positive reviews?
6. What is their review percentage score? Over 97% is best



Check Organic Search Results
A search on Google will bring up thousands of page results. Of course the first page will be the most important and this where you’ll spend time researching the various options.


It’s always a good bet to go with the highest ranked PPC specialists. They’ll have many years experience managing PPC campaigns and with experience in a wide range of industries.


I’m currently the highest ranked PPC Freelancer in the UK on Google for the keywords:


PPC Freelancer UK
AdWords Freelancer UK
AdWords Expert UK
AdWords Specialist UK


And you’ll see that there are millions of competing pages on Google for these searches. These are very competitive searches and to be ranked at the top for Organic searches, an AdWords Expert will have to have gained a good reputation over the years and received hundreds of positive reviews.


Over the years I’ve received thousands of reviews on Google, Feefo, People Per Hour and other sites for my PPC and digital marketing services. And I’ve been the top AdWords Freelancer in the UK for over 3 years in a row.


Need to hire a certified PPC Freelancer? Contact me to find out how I can help you setup exceptional campaigns and also manage them to make them profitable.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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