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How Can I Teach Myself Google Ads

How Can I Teach Myself Google Ads?

There are some cost effective ways to teach yourself Google Ads and learn at your own pace and improve your skills.

You won’t use all of them of course, so you’ll need to pick the most relevant for your needs and for the way you learn best.

So, here are some ways you can teach yourself Google Ads advertising:


Create an account and follow the instructions


One of the first things to do as part of teaching yourself Google Ads is to create an account and then test the different features and controls in the account.

Google ads setup

So, you can create some dummy campaigns and then setup things like bid strategies, location and language targeting, ad schedule, ads, keywords and many others to learn how they work.

So, this is the first thing I would recommend you do if you want to teach yourself Google Ads. And as you’re doing so, start using the training methods below to help you along as part of your learning.


Signup to Skillshop


Skillshop is a Learning Management System (LMS) by Google. It’s Google’s primary training platform for Google Ads, Google Analytics, digital marketing and more.

And you can use it to learn all the campaign types like Search, Shopping, Display and others. And if getting certified is important to you, then you can take the exams after taking the lessons.

And that’s one of the things you’ll need to become a Google Partner. Sign up to Skillshop to get started.


Take a free course


A full comprehensive course will take you through all the key steps of setting up ads and managing them. And you’ll be able to follow the lessons at your own pace to equip you with the skills that you need.

I have a free Search course that you can check out to help you learn Search advertising to setup great campaigns.

Visit to sign up for my free course. I’ll also be releasing some more courses over the next few months both free and paid. And you’ll be able to follow these at your own pace as you learn.


Watch some videos on YouTube


There are some great videos on YouTube that will help you with specific things like ad creation, keyword research, bid strategies, location targeting and many others that are important to your learning plans.

And as you watch these videos you’ll be able to implement these into your campaigns and learn practically.


Read the Google Ads Help Articles


Google provides a Help section full of articles that cover all the topics in Google Ads. And you can study these as you create some campaigns and learn the system.

This is one of the effective ways to teach yourself Google Ads and one that I use regularly to keep up my experience and skills. Search for these Help articles on Google to get started.


Read a Google Ads blog


Following a Google Ads blog will help you to keep up to date with the latest news, feature releases and tips that will help your campaigns.

The Google Ads blog is one I recommend that you should follow too. They post a few times each month and update subscribers on what is happening in Google Ads.


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