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How Do I Contact Google Ads To Appeal A Suspension

How Do I Contact Google Ads To Appeal A Suspension?

After reviewing the information that has been provided by Google Ads about your suspension and you’ve taken corrective action to fix it, now it’s time to contact the review team to appeal the suspension. You can submit an appeal in your account or if you have questions that you need answered you can contact Google and hopefully they should be able to help as you try to fix the suspension.

There are a number of ways you can contact Google to get help with your account suspension:


Submit appeal in your ads

If you’ve reviewed everything and corrected any issues that could have caused the problem, then submitting a suspension appeal is the next step.

Submit the form from the red link in your account and then follow the instructions to submit any required information.

Your account is suspended


Account Suspension - Submit an appeal

The Review team will then look at you suspension appeal and respond usually in a few days with an update.

If the issue has been resolved, the suspension will be lifted immediately. If not, they’ll let you know and you’ll have to continue reviewing and checking for a solution. Unfortunately, the team is unlikely to give you more information about the reason behind the suspension.


Use the chat system

You can reach Google from the help link within your account. You’ll see this in the top right corner in your Google Ads account.

Google Ads Contact Support

You won’t reach the Review team via chat but the Support team will look at your website and account and give you some pointers if you are still not sure what is causing the suspension. But sometimes the support team may not be able to help, so you will have to review it yourself and then submit the appeal in your account.


Give them a call

This option like the one above will not get you to the Review team but will help to get some of the questions you may have about a suspension answered. And the Support team you reach will be able to look at your account and give you some suggestions about the problem. Hopefully this should be enough to help lift the suspension when you’ve taken corrective action and submitted an appeal.



Contacting Google can be beneficial in helping you fix your suspension. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get better insights about your suspension. The first thing to do is read the email from Google and the policy violation and then work on the issues that you find. When that is done, you should submit an appeal and wait for feedback from Google.


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