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How Do I Create A New Google Ads Account After Suspension

How Do I Create A New Google Ads Account After Suspension?

One thing you should not do after your Google Ads account has been suspended is to create a new account yourself.

If you do that you’ll make things worse because the second account will be suspended too, and now you’ll have two suspended accounts and not just one.

And that will make it even harder to get your initial account unsuspended. You’ll now have violated another policy which says not to open other accounts that will get suspended too.

In fact, the email you’ll have received from Google will have a section about creating new accounts and why you should not do so. It states in there what will happen if you create more accounts and that you should not do it after a suspension.

This is an example of an email you’ll receive about creating new accounts when you’ve contacted them:

Thank you for contacting Google Ads. I hope you are doing well.
Query:- I understand your concern about the suspension of Google Ads account ID XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Thank you for waiting while we reviewed your account suspension appeal.
After reviewing your case and taking your feedback into consideration, we’ve confirmed that your account was and
still is in violation of our Google Ads policies.
As such, we will not be reactivating your account. Please don’t create new Google Ads accounts, as these will be
suspended too. When we suspend a Google Ads account, the suspension applies to the account owner and any
current or future linked Google Ads accounts.
Learn more about why we suspend accounts and the reasons we take these actions.
If you have a prepaid balance remaining in your account and you qualify for a refund, you can always cancel your
account and request your refund.
We appreciate your understanding.

So, if you use one of the features that relates to the initial account like email address, website address, IP address and it is matched to the new account, then it will be suspended.

It will be almost impossible to prevent any new account you create from being suspended. And that’s even if you change your website address and other details.

If you’re not able to fix your suspension then you should consider working with a Google Ads expert. They’ll be able to work with you to find out the reason behind the suspension and work to try and fix it.

And they will offer some solutions to get your business back on Google by discussing several options with you.


Setting up a new Google Ads account will only make it worse, so you should avoid doing that. Instead, work on the suspension and put in an appeal and if that fails, contact a Google Ads specialist to help you get unsuspended.


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