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How Do I Fix A Google Ads Suspension

How Do I Fix A Google Ads Suspension?

A Google Ads suspension can be a frustrating experience and potentially disastrous for businesses that rely on getting leads and sales through Google.

With the recent spate of suspensions, many businesses have been ruined and they haven’t been able to get their businesses back on Google despite their best efforts.

However, most suspensions can be fixed and many advertisers give up too soon. It takes persistence and knowing what to do, depending on your suspension, to get it resolved.

Here are the main suspensions and how you can fix them:


Suspicious payments suspension

This is a common suspension type in Google Ads. And it happens when there are suspicions about your payment and billing details and Google has failed to verify them or believes that there is fraudulent activity around this.

It’s also one of the more difficult suspensions to fix and it can be difficult to get your account recovered.

In fact, Google will not reactivate it without a good reason from you why this has happened.

So, take time to review your payment details and make sure they match with all the account details you’ve supplied. And that the details match with the card and business location details. And then submit an appeal when all looks OK and you’ve updated your payment details.

If that fails and the Google Ads team hasn’t lifted the suspension then you should consider working with a Google Ads specialist. A solution that they will provide is reviewing your account and payment details and make suggestions on how to fix it and make an appeal.

If that still doesn’t work then they will be able to create a new Google Ads account for you and handle the payment side of things. So, they setup the ads and then they will add you as a user. And you will send your advertising budget to them each month and they will pay that to Google directly.

This is perfectly legal and accepted by Google and the account will be accepted and activated. So, this is usually one of the best ways to get your business back on Google.


Circumventing systems policy violation suspension

This is one of the most common suspensions in Google Ads. And it’s also one of the most difficult to understand and fix.

There are many reasons for a circumventing policy violation suspension and the email you get will list some potential causes.

The process to fix a circumventing systems policy violation is similar to a suspicious payments suspension.

You’ll need to review the issues that relate to this in the email that you’ve received from Google. And this could include things like cloaking, redirection to non-compliant content, manipulating site content and many others. Check your email for full details and review your website and account in light of this and make the necessary corrections.

Then put in an appeal. If nothing happens and the suspension is not lifted, speak to a Google Ads specialist to get help with this. And using their expertise and with a Web developer were needed they will carry out an audit and make suggestions to change things and hopefully put in a successful appeal.

If all else fails then they will be able to create a new account if there has been no response or Google refuses to reactivate it. This often works out well as I’ve done this for many advertisers and that’s because Google is not responding and not being cooperative, unfortunately. This happens often.


Advertising policy suspension

You’ll usually get an advertising policy suspension when you are promoting a product or service that could be harmful to users.

This includes prohibited content like dangerous products such as firearms and weapons; content that enables dishonest behaviour like questionable financial products; sexually explicit content; recreational drugs; equipment to facilitate drug use; explosive materials and fireworks and more.

However, you won’t get suspended the first time your account has violated an advertising policy.

But repeated violations will lead to account suspension. If you are trying to promote such products or services, then you’ll not be able to advertise on Google and any attempts to create new accounts or make an appeal will not work.

However, if you feel there has been a mistake like promoting a legal drug that has health benefits, you can put in an appeal and explain your case. Usually a specialist at Google will be assigned to your account and they will be able to look into this. And if all checks out, your Google Ads account will be unsuspended.


Business verification suspension

This is usually an easy suspension to fix. And all you’ll need to do is provide the business details that have been requested and the team will review this and may ask for more information if anything is missing.

But this is usually not a problem if you provide business details like a certificate of registration and details about your products or services or anything else they request.

After submitting this information it will be reviewed and hopefully you’ll get a positive response, which is usually the case.

But you can prevent this type of suspension by providing information in a timely manner.

This is an example of an email you’ll receive when your account is successfully reactivated:

Your Google Ads account has been reactivated
Your account was temporarily suspended to verify your billing information and policy compliance. It’s now reactivated, so your ads can start running again.
Ads could start running automatically if your billing information is up to date. If you don’t want your account to serve ads and accrue costs, either pause your campaigns or cancel your account.


Unpaid balance suspension

This is one of the easiest suspensions to fix because it relates to an unpaid balance. And the email from Google will state clearly what you can do to fix this.

So, all you’ll need to do is pay the bill and the account will be reactivated. In some situations you’ll need to contact them after making payment and sending proof and the account will be reinstated.



A suspension should not mean the end of your advertising plans on Google. There are always ways to fix any suspension and if you have run out of options then a Google Ads expert will be able to help.


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