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How does Google Ads help businesses

How Does Google Ads Help Businesses?

Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) platform that helps businesses, charities and individuals to promote their products and services online.

What is most impressive about this platform is that gives you much control over your advertising costs. And it also help you to measure results easily because it helps you focus on relevance to whatever you’re promoting.

So, whether you’re a small or large business, Google Ads can help your business run effective ads and drive sales or leads online.

In fact, Google Ads allows the smallest of businesses, with very small budgets to appear right next to some of the biggest companies and advertisers on the planet.

That is hard to achieve with other advertising channels especially offline ones like TV and print, which require large budget outlays.

So, here are some ways that Google Ads helps businesses:


Target people who are searching

One of the main ways that Google Ads helps businesses is it helps them to target people that are searching for their products or services on Google and other partner search engines.

So, you can find keywords that people are using to search with on Google and target them with your text ads. That means you’ll need to carry out keyword research to find the keywords that they are using to find your products or services.

And you’ll then create a Search campaign to start advertising as soon as your ads are approved.


Get sales or leads

Google Ads helps businesses to drive sales or leads online. Using ads and keywords as described above, you can create campaigns that are focused on driving these conversions.

And you can do this with other campaign types too besides Search campaigns. You can also create Display and Video campaigns and create image and video ads to promote your products or services.

And to manage your campaigns effectively, you’ll need to setup conversion tracking to track all leads or sales that you get. And you  an do this in your Google Analytics or Google Ads account.


Raise brand awareness

If you’re looking to raise brand awareness and increase exposure for your products or services, then Google Ads is the right platform for you.

There are campaigns that can help you with that including Video and Display campaigns.

And you’ll use image and banner ads to advertise and also text ads on Display sites and YouTube.



There are many ways that Google Ads helps businesses and charities and the above list is helpful to understanding how this platform works. So, hopefully this has helped you see the benefits of advertising in Google Ads and how it can help your business.


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