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How Long Does A Google Suspension Last

How Long Does A Google Suspension Last?

There is no time limit on a Google Ads suspension. The suspension lasts until you fix the problem that has caused it. So, if there is a problem on your website for example, your account will remain suspended until that website issue is resolved.

Whatever the suspension, you’ll need to resolve it first before it can be lifted and following the email instructions you’ve received from Google will help.

However, as anyone who has had a suspension will know, Google will not tell you the exact reason for the suspension. All they’ll tell you is a generic policy violation like “circumventing systems policy violation”.

And the email will have a generic statement of what that policy is, which is often not very helpful. So, you’ll have to review your account or website in line with the suspension reason to then implement any changes.

The main reason they do this is they want advertisers to carry out a full audit of their accounts or websites to identify all issues that can cause problems in the future too and lead to a poor user experience.

Google does this because they want to give a great and safe experience for all their users. These are some of the most important values to Google.

It can be of course frustrating to advertisers. They often have to go through a long process which can take some time to resolve the suspension.

A Google Ads suspension should not mean the end of your plans to advertise on Google. There are always to resolve this and if you’re not able to fix it, then a Google Ads Suspension Expert will help to identify and resolve it.

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