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How Long Does It Take To Learn Google Ads PPC

How Long Does It Take To Learn Google Ads PPC?

Many people who want to learn Google Ads want to run their campaigns themselves and make them as successful as possible. Others on the other hand want to become PPC experts to be able to offer advertising services to their own clients.

How long it will take you to learn will depend on this and a number of factors. One of the first things to consider is what you need to learn. This will determine how you will learn and which tools and methods you’ll use to achieve competence or expertise in Google Ads.

For some advertisers, just a few hours of training is sufficient to get them started effectively. And then they can fill in gaps in their knowledge through following the setup processes and articles provided in Google Ads.

For others, a full course with in-depth training videos and articles or even online based training will be required. And this will take some weeks to complete. Google Ads is a large platform and it’s best to start by focusing on the most relevant campaign types for you like Search, Shopping or Display.

There are a number of ways you can learn the Google Ads system and I’ve included more information below:


You can use the Google Ads Help platform that includes many articles that you can read. There is a lot of material here so it could take weeks or months to review them all thoroughly.

This is one of the free ways to learn and it will give you a good amount of information to help with your campaigns. But you should consider combining it with other learning methods like online training. That will help you learn quicker.


YouTube Videos

You can follow some videos on YouTube and learn some tips, hacks and information that will help you learn the interface and how to use the features effectively. There are many good videos to follow and after a few weeks and months of watching and implementing the suggestions, you’ll have learnt the system well.


Alternatively, you can signup for Google Ads training sessions for one-to-one or group training. The main benefit of this is that you can ask questions that relate  specifically to your campaigns and goals. Remember Google Ads is a very big advertising platform with many campaign types and you will never use all of them. So, you should focus on what is important for you.

Also, getting this training means you get up-to-date tailored training as and when you require it, from a highly experienced Google Ads specialist.
Of course, this is not the cheapest way to get your training but it’s one of the most effective ways to learn and will help you get started quickly.


Google Skillshop Training

Another effective way to get good training is through the Google Skillpshop training platform. This training is very comprehensive and covers all the campaign types in Google Ads. And the good part is that it’s free.

Also, if you want to get Google Ads certified and be a Google partner, you’ll need to signup for a Skillshop account and go through the lessons and then take the exams. When you pass the exams and meet other partner requirements, you’ll become a Google Partner and receive the badge and vouchers to assign to new clients that signup for your services.

Learning through Skillshop can take weeks and months and you’ll need to pass the exams each year to maintain your partner status.



So, how long it takes to learn and master Google Ads depends on a number of factors as described above. It will also depend on how quickly you’re able to grasp some of the key concepts and features and make them work for you. The most important thing is to pick the best learning method for you.


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