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How Remarketing In Google AdWords Works

How Remarketing In Google AdWords Works

Over 90% of people that visit your website will leave and never return and will forget about your business. You can remind them about your offers through remarketing and bring them back to the website.

The conversion rate for this can be amazing. And it’s important to set it up as soon as possible.

There are tools in Google Ads that help you setup remarketing.

Audience Manager is available in your Google Ads Account and is the home of your Audience Lists, Audience Sources and Audience Insights. The benefits of using Audience Manager are:

1. Setup your audience sources such as the AdWords tag, app analytics provider or YouTube channel.

2. Create as many audience lists as you like or that make sense for your business based on the audience sources that you’ve created

3. You can learn more about the audiences that make up your remarketing lists such as their interests, demographics, locations and devices.

Here’s what’s included in each:

Audience Sources

To get started with AdWords in the new interface, you’ll add sources of first-party data into Audience Sources. These sources help you to then create your Remarketing lists that you’ll advertise to.

Remarketing Audience Source

The following audience sources can be added:

AdWords tag: you collect data from your website to remarket to people who’ve visited your website.

Google Analytics: Import audiences that you created in your linked Google Analytics account. You can remarket to these audiences with AdWords.

YouTube: remarket to people who’ve seen your videos or channels on YouTube. Track what people do after watching your videos and drive traffic with call-to-action (CTA) overlays.

Customer Data: upload customer data like customer contact information to remarket to them while they browse across Google sites like Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.

Audience Lists

In Audience Lists you’ll create new audience lists to remarket to based on the Audience sources that you added in Audience Manager.

And you can also see any previously created Remarketing lists that were created.

Remarketing Audience Lists

Audience Insights

Insights is where you get to understand your audience members and recognise key patterns and opportunities. It breaks down your audiences in your remarketing lists by gender, geography, in-market categories, devices and more.

Remarketing Audience Insights

Insights provides great insights that can be turned into practical campaign decisions to help you target and attract new people or optimise your Ads.

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