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How To Check Keyword Quality Score In Google Ads (AdWords)

Checking keyword quality scores in AdWords is easy. You have two places to check them and they’re both in the keyword data table. You can view them here for each keyword or you can customise the data report to view them all at once.


Quality Score Guide


So, here’s how you can check your Quality Scores in Google AdWords:


Check Keywords status column
Next to each keyword you’ll see its status that you can hover your mouse over to see its Quality Score. This shows you what the keyword Quality Score is out of 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.


Check Quality Scores


You also see the three factors to Quality Score calculation:

Expected Click Through Rate (CTR)
Ad Relevance
Landing Page Experience


And next to each of these you’ll see it’s status: Below Average, Average or Above Average. So each factor that has either Below Average or Average status should be fixed.


So, if landing page experience for example is below average or average, you should look at the factors causing this. Are you sending visitors to a generic page? Does the page have sufficient content? Are some keywords included in the page? Have you included some important elements such as a call to action?


Quality Score Status Columns
In the keyword table you can add quality score status columns. This helps you to see the scores for each of your keywords without hovering your the mouse over each keyword which can be time consuming.


These optional columns can be added in your keyword reports. And you can arrange them from highest to lowest quality scores to easily assess them.


The status columns show the 4 quality score values:

⁃ Quality Score
⁃ Landing Page Experience
⁃ Ad Relevance
⁃ Expected CTR


Quality Score Columns


As you can see in the image above, the three factors to quality scores each has a status of Above Average, Average & Below Average.


Historical Quality Score Status Columns
The historical quality score status column is similar to the standard column above except that it reports on historical quality scores.


Historical Quality Score Columns


It reflects the last known scores for the reporting period. And if you add the day segment to your reports, it will display values that reflect what your quality score was at the end of each day.


However, the historical column will not report for dates before 22 January 2016 except if you’ve used a third party or scripts to download historical Quality Score data.


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