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PPC Keyword Research

How To Do PPC Keyword Research


PPC Keyword Research is a must if you want to setup effective PPC campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. It’s one of the first tasks you’ll do and it should be thorough.


With a good range of keywords, you’ll spend less and achieve more. Your keywords will bring targeted visitors and you’ll get more sales or leads.


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There are a number of ways to do PPC Keyword Research and they include:


Use Keyword Merge Tool


Use a keyword merge tool to build a long list of targeted keywords. You group these into tightly themed Ad groups that will each have their own list of relevant ads.


An example of a keyword merge tool is


Mergewords Keyword Tool


This tool helps you build hundreds and even thousands of keyword lists in minutes. And these are mostly long tail keywords that won’t come up in a keyword research tool.


An example of how you can use this tool is by creating many permutations of the following words by merging them together. You can group verbs and nouns together to create a long list of keywords as below:




Pc virus
Computer virus
Trojan virus


To come up with the following:
Remove Pc virus
Remove Virus
Remove Computer virus
Remove Trojan virus
Delete Pc virus
Delete Virus
Delete Computer virus
Delete Trojan virus
Clean Pc virus
Clean Virus
Clean Computer virus
Clean Trojan virus


Using this example you can create a long list of virus types and build out thousands of keywords. This helps you create effective ad groups with high quality score keywords


Keyword Planner Tool


The Keyword Planner Tool is a free keyword research tool available in Google AdWords. So you can use this tool to research new keywords and also to find out traffic volumes for your chosen keywords.


It reveals the average volume of searches for your keywords each month. And you use it to find negative keywords that can block irrelevant searches from triggering your ads.


Bing Ads has its own keyword research tool that reveals keyword volumes on Bing and Yahoo for your keywords. Like the Keyword Planner Tool you can research a list of keywords to add to your campaigns and also find negative keywords to block irrelevant searches.


Ad Group Keyword Suggestions


Like the Keyword Planner Tool, this tool helps you find the best keywords. It’s available in your ad groups at the keyword level and makes suggestions based on the other keywords in your ad group and your website landing page.


Keyword Suggestions


The keyword suggestions are contextually targeted and if they don’t look relevant, then it’s likely you need to update your website content or the keywords in the ad group.


It also groups the suggestions according to themes. So you can quickly build ad groups from these themes.


It’s possible to create some good ad groups from this tool without doing keyword research.


Competitor Research


Use a keyword spy tool like Spyfu to find out what your competitors are up to. It shows you a list of the keywords they’re bidding on and how much they are spending. And you can see where they’re ranked on Google for these keywords.






Whichever keyword tool you use, it’s important that you do thorough PPC keyword research. You can use these tools to spy on your competitors’ keywords and decide on which ones you’ll bid on. And you’ll see what volumes you’re likely to get.


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