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Twitter Impressions

How to get over 400k Twitter impressions per month

Twitter Impressions

More twitter impressions has many benefits including more link clicks to your website, greater engagement and hopefully more sales for your business.
So, how easy is it to get over 400k impressions per month? It’s actually a lot easier than you think.
In fact, I was able to get to 400k followers per month from 20k per month in just under 3 months using the following tactics:

Tweet more

Whether you have 500 followers or 10,000, tweeting more will help you get closer to your target impression count.
Obviously, having more quality followers will make it a lot easier to get over 400k impressions per month. You may be struggling to come up with ideas to tweet and content to share. One way you can solve that is by creating a blog and then posting regularly – daily, weekly, or monthly or whatever suits your schedule.
Tweeting your content has many advantages including increasing blog traffic and building a closer relationship with your followers.
Another option is to find relevant content that will interest your followers; that can include interesting articles, unique quotes, industry updates, market trends and much more.

Schedule your tweets

Tweeting and being active on twitter can be time consuming especially if you plan to increase followers and impressions. However, there are tools to simplify this and to help you save time.
Two popular ones are Hootsuite and Buffer. I use Hootsuite and it’s the number one contributing factor to me reaching over 400k impressions per month in just a few months. Hootsuite provides a bulk upload CSV template that you can add your tweets to and then schedule them to go out any hour, day, week or month.

One of hootsuite’s compelling features is the dashboard that is easy to manage and navigate. You can add all your twitter profiles here and any other social networks that you post to, like LinkedIn and the groups you are a member of there.


Get more followers

Getting more followers is one of the most effective ways to increase impressions for your tweets. I was able to get to 400k impressions per month by gaining more followers and my follower list was growing by about 25% each month. And I did that by posting more quality tweets and following interesting accounts that followed back.

Add hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords and including them in your tweets means you have a greater chance of increasing impressions. Knowing how many impressions a hashtag received can help you decide if it will be right for your twitter campaigns.
So if a hashtag is reaching a good number of people then you should include it and search for more tags to include in your tweets. However, you should avoid stuffing your tweets with hashtags because that makes reading your tweets difficult.

Hashtags can also be monitored and can be used to track trends and total impressions over a period like the past 7 days or even a year. And you can see how a tag performed over a month for example compared to a year.

Tweet when your audience is online

Twitter provides analytics data that reveals when your tweets are most popular and where your followers are located. This helps you to schedule your tweets at times you are more likely to get more impressions and also increase engagements.

Tweet Quality Content

Billions of tweets go out each day so yours have a lot of work to do to capture attention. Posting quality content means understanding who your followers are and what they are after. It also means writing catchy tweets that can grab the attention and increase your retweets.

Launch Twitter Paid Ads Campaign

Twitter paid ads are an effective way to promote your tweets, products, websites and anything else about your business. There are various campaign options to launch including increasing followers, sending people to your website to purchase or signup, tweet engagements, video views and more.

Twitter Ad Campaign Types


A campaign to increase followers will help to increase overall impressions for your account, however, paid ads can be expensive if not monitored carefully.

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